Numbing Cream for Piercings

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If you’re thinking about getting a body piercing, you might be worried about the pain. Whether or not you feel pain during a piercing depends on your response to pain and where the piercing is located. An eyebrow piercing, for example, is typically more sensitive and painful than an ear or nostril piercing. So how … Read more

Eyelash Extension Adhesives

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Forget falsies; eyelash extensions are the way to go. But to use them, you need real-deal eyelash extension adhesive. Basic lash glue isn’t going to cut it when it comes to long-lasting length and volume. No, you want the good stuff, the stuff the professional’s use.  Good eyelash extension adhesives will help you keep your … Read more

The Best Eyelash Perm Kit

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Finding the best eyelash perm kit can be challenging, especially if you’re not entirely sure what to look for. You know you want super-curled lashes that last, and you’ve heard that an eyelash perm kit will get you there. But what does the best eyelash perm kit even contain, and how does one work?  What … Read more

Tattoo Pens for Skin

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Tattoos have come a long way. Skin art used to be somewhat taboo. Many people have tattoos, and even more people want tattoos. These creations are, for the most part, no longer seen as unfavorable. However, some people still are not comfortable to go through the pain and commitment to getting a permanent tattoo.  Today … Read more

Hardest University Degrees

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A college degree is essential for joining the job market today, both at home and internationally. Many careers demand that you have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Some jobs even ask that you have a Master’s, Ph.D., or professional degree. Deciding which university to attend is usually one of the first major decisions you … Read more

Difference Between Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

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A common question among both undergraduate and graduate students is, “what is the difference between theoretical and conceptual framework?” Differentiating between the two can be difficult, especially since the terms are often used interchangeably. However, there are essential differences between the theoretical and conceptual framework.  Within academia, a framework is an abstract logical structure that … Read more

Jalapeno in Eye? Here’s What to Do

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Jalapenos are deliciously fiery atop your nachos but get a touch of the hot pepper’s juices in your eye, and you’re in for a world of hurt.  These peppers add a kick in the kitchen, but they must be handled carefully. Otherwise, your hands, or worse, your eyes could be burning.  Capsaicin is the Culprit  … Read more

Do You Have to Be Embalmed?

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Parting with a loved one can lead to difficult questions in a painful and emotional time. Perhaps the best time to answer some of these questions is to think about them before death.   One of those questions is whether embalming is legally required or needed.    A look on GoFundMe and other fund-raising websites will reveal … Read more

What You Can Make With Flour, Water, And Sugar

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These days it’s important to keep recipes short and sweet, especially when a lot of ingredients in the stores are out of stock. Learning to work with the basics and what you have around the kitchen is a great way to keep your recipes low cost and convenient since you won’t have to be running … Read more

Uses for Pistachio Shells

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Not only are pistachios a healthy, tasty treat, but did you know there are uses for pistachio shells? The hard beige outer surfaces have a purpose too?  In the article, you will learn the many uses of Pistachio shells. Get ready to discover all of the different ways your pistachio shells can influence your life.  … Read more