Jalapeno in Eye? Here’s What to Do

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Jalapenos are deliciously fiery atop your nachos but get a touch of the hot pepper’s juices in your eye, and you’re in for a world of hurt.  These peppers add a kick in the kitchen, but they must be handled carefully. Otherwise, your hands, or worse, your eyes could be burning.  Capsaicin is the Culprit  … Read more

What You Can Make With Flour, Water, And Sugar

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These days it’s important to keep recipes short and sweet, especially when a lot of ingredients in the stores are out of stock. Learning to work with the basics and what you have around the kitchen is a great way to keep your recipes low cost and convenient since you won’t have to be running … Read more

Uses for Pistachio Shells

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Not only are pistachios a healthy, tasty treat, but did you know there are uses for pistachio shells? The hard beige outer surfaces have a purpose too?  In the article, you will learn the many uses of Pistachio shells. Get ready to discover all of the different ways your pistachio shells can influence your life.  … Read more

Instagram Food Hashtags: Your Guide to Getting Noticed

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Want to boost your following, get noticed, and maybe even become insta-famous? If so, food hashtags can help you meet your goals. Whether you’re a blogger, a chef, or a foodie in search of like-minded thinkers, you’re going to love what these Instagram food hashtags can do for you. Before You Get Started…. Hey! I … Read more

Red Rice: Delicious and Great for You!

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Is red rice good for you? Just like other whole grains, this superfood is fantastic for your health! Offering a delicious, nutty flavor and a beautiful color that makes it a fantastic addition to recipes, this superfood brings some healthful benefits with it. What is Red Rice? Like other rice varieties, red rice is a … Read more

Best Pre Game Meals: What and When to Eat Before Games

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Eating the right foods before a game – and enjoying them at the right time – can help athletes compete at the highest level possible. With proper pre game food, you’ll never find yourself feeling sluggish, heavy, or uncomfortable. Remember, you need more calories than the average sedentary person does, so there’s no need to … Read more

Types of Sprouts & How to Grow Them: The Ultimate Guide

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Whether you’ve been eating healthy for a while now or if you’re brand new to the concept, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself wondering about different kinds of sprouts. These tiny plants offer tons of benefits, along with a few (minor) risks to keep in mind. Get ready, because you’re about to learn everything you … Read more