How Long Do Tea Lights Burn

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If you need ambiance for an event, tea lights will help you accomplish your goal. The tiny lights create a lovely amount of luminescence for an event. If you are wondering how long do tea lights burn, it is helpful to understand why they last as long as they do. Tea lights are small candles … Read more

He Shou Wu Benefits: The Ultimate Guide to Fo-Ti

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A powerful herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, He Shou Wu is part of the buckwheat family. This herb offers many benefits, and it goes by many names. What is He Shou Wu? He Shou Wu might sound like a mysterious herb, but it’s the opposite. This common plant is … Read more

Chai Tea Benefits: More than Just a Delicious Beverage!

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Is chai tea good for you? Absolutely! If you happen to love the complex flavor of warm, spicy chai tea (also known as masala chai or masala), then you’ll be thrilled to discover that this delicious treat comes with some wonderful benefits for your body and mind. We’ll also share a recipe for the perfect … Read more

Jasmine Tea Benefits: Why You Should Try Jasmine Tea Today

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Once you’ve tried a cup of fragrant jasmine tea, you’re probably going to add it to your list of favorites! But there’s more to this wonderful, relaxing brew than its delightful aroma. Jasmine tea’s benefits are many. Not only is it great for your body, it can help your mind, too. Types of Jasmine Tea … Read more

The Best Anti Inflammatory Drinks: 10 to Try Now

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You’ve been going out of your way to eat foods that fight inflammation, but what about anti inflammatory drinks? Certain beverages can help you reduce inflammation while helping you stay hydrated and feel refreshed. Here are ten of the best anti inflammatory drinks to add to your weekly diet. Anti Inflammatory Drink Benefits Drinks that … Read more