Buying an Ocelot

ocelot, pet, animal, cat

An ocelot is a wild cat with roots from the southwestern United States and down into South America. According to National Geographic, an ocelot can weigh up to 35 pounds and is about twice the size of a large housecat. Buying an ocelot is technically possible, but before you run out and buy one as … Read more

My Dog Has Heartworms and I Can’t Afford the Treatment. What Should I Do?

beagle, dog

Heartworms can be a death sentence for dogs. Heartworm preventatives sometimes lapse, and it’s not uncommon for adopted shelter pets to arrive at their new homes with a case of heartworms. The cost of heartworm treatment can be prohibitive, leaving some pet parents to wonder whether there’s an alternative. In this article, we’ll take a … Read more