Low vs. High Cheekbones

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It’s no secret that high cheekbones are a symbol of attractiveness, for both men and women, in mainstream western culture, particularly the entertainment industry. Yet, the structure of your cheekbones says nothing in particular about you as a person. In fact, cultures around the world value these facial characteristics differently. Even in Hollywood, plenty of … Read more

Does Olive Oil Help Eyelashes Grow

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Thick, full, beautiful eyelashes are all the rage. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with lovely lashes. Instead, they can turn to mascara or false lashes. Mascara runs, and false lashes fall off and are uncomfortable.  Instead of relying on faking it with cosmetics, you have another option. If you wonder does olive oil help eyelashes … Read more

How To DIY An At-Home Microblading Kit

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Bold, defined brows are all the rage these days, but using a brow pencil, gel, and pomade every day to fill in your eyebrows is a time-consuming hassle. Because of this challenge, women everywhere have turned to microblading to achieve perfect brows without any of the daily work. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo process that … Read more

Setting Powders for Dark Skin

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Achieving the perfect look takes time and effort. After carefully color correcting and concealing, then contouring and baking, you want to make sure the fruits of your labor last as long as possible. To keep everything in place and avoid creases or cracks, a quality setting powder is a must. Unfortunately, finding the right one … Read more

Best Microblading Ink

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You don’t like your eyebrows. We get it. For many of us, there’s a lot to dislike about them. Maybe yours are uneven, or you feel they’re too thin from years of plucking or a problem like alopecia. So you fill in your eyebrows every day, but you’re tired of it. Enter microblading. Microblading can … Read more

Numbing Cream for Piercings

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If you’re thinking about getting a body piercing, you might be worried about the pain. Whether or not you feel pain during a piercing depends on your response to pain and where the piercing is located. An eyebrow piercing, for example, is typically more sensitive and painful than an ear or nostril piercing. So how … Read more

Eyelash Extension Adhesives

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Forget falsies; eyelash extensions are the way to go. But to use them, you need real-deal eyelash extension adhesive. Basic lash glue isn’t going to cut it when it comes to long-lasting length and volume. No, you want the good stuff, the stuff the professional’s use.  Good eyelash extension adhesives will help you keep your … Read more

The Best Eyelash Perm Kit

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Finding the best eyelash perm kit can be challenging, especially if you’re not entirely sure what to look for. You know you want super-curled lashes that last, and you’ve heard that an eyelash perm kit will get you there. But what does the best eyelash perm kit even contain, and how does one work?  What … Read more

Tattoo Pens for Skin

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Tattoos have come a long way. Skin art used to be somewhat taboo. Many people have tattoos, and even more people want tattoos. These creations are, for the most part, no longer seen as unfavorable. However, some people still are not comfortable to go through the pain and commitment to getting a permanent tattoo.  Today … Read more

Best Pore Minimizing Primer: Which One’s Right for You?

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If you have deep, noticeable pores, you might be wondering about the best way to make them less noticeable. That’s where the best pore filling primer comes in. Since products that minimize pores work by filling them in for a smoother look, it’s very important to choose non-comedogenic products that will wash away completely at … Read more