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Vegan Winter Boots: Warmth and Style for Everyone

Ready or not, winter is coming eventually. Whether you have vegan Uggs alternatives on your mind or you’re looking for something more functional, there’s no time like the present to take a look at your options. We’re fortunate to live in a time when there are plenty of great vegan winter boots to choose from, no matter who you are or what your style profile looks like.

What to Look for in Warm Vegan Boots

You want your feet to stay toasty, but that that’s just the beginning. When it’s time to choose vegan snow boots or any other non leather winter boots, there are a few other features to keep in mind. It’s worth noting that you might not need to worry about all of these factors depending on your location, but we’ve made an attempt to consider a variety of situations when coming up with this list of vegan snowboot features to keep in mind.


Not only do you want to make a point of avoiding animal-based materials like leather, fur, fleece, and down when making your choice, you also want to take a closer look at the materials being used. Simply being synthetic might be enough when you won’t be spending a lot of time on your feet. At the same time, some manufacturers go above and beyond to ensure that they’re using only the best in technical fabrics and quality sole materials, so your vegan boots winter over well and perhaps even last for more than a single year.

While there’s nothing wrong with going the cheap route, just know that lesser materials might not tolerate harsh conditions. Salt, snow, and ice are tough on boots! Save the trendy, fluffy ones for cold, dry days when you know you won’t be trekking through rough, rugged, or wet areas.

Choose vegan waterproof boots for harsher conditions. Some are waterproof all the way up the shank, while others have waterproof feet to keep you comfy when snow isn’t terribly deep.


Do you love the trendy look of a tall boot that fits nicely over fitted jeans or leggings? You’ll be thrilled to discover lots of options with fun trims including zippers, faux fur, snappy straps, and wonderful contrasting stitches. If you prefer a shorter boot, you’ll find that there are lots of choices to be had.

For guys, there’s no shortage of mens vegan winter boots in rugged rubber and technical fabrics alike. The style options range from sleek and simple urban looks to arctic inspired choices.


Snow, ice and even rain can lead to slippery surfaces underfoot, so you want to make sure that your new winter boots have a reliable tread pattern. If you’ll be sticking to the city and spending a minimal amount of time on your feet, you might like boots with a more fashion-forward look. For longer walks, snowshoeing, and wintery hikes, it’s a good idea to stick with a tried-and-true design with low heels and a robust tread.

Type of Closure

Winter weather often calls for extra layers and thick, comfy socks so be sure that your new boots will fit over all those extra layers! This might not be a huge issue if your climate is simply chilly and you rarely need to add insulating layers under your clothing, but those who live further north will want a boot that can easily accommodate your thickest winter clothing.

They type of closure on your boots will make a difference. For pull-on boots, look to see if there are buckles or expandable zippers that can open up to make a little more room. If you’d rather not leave things to chance, consider a lace up boot that can be fully customized to accommodate whatever you happen to wear while keeping cold and moisture out.


It’s rare to find shoes and boots that are actually true to size, and this is particularly true of cold weather boots, vegan and otherwise. As you’re weighing your options, be sure to take a look at what others have to say concerning size. If you’re buying your boots from a brick and mortar store, grab a few different sizes to try on so that you can cut back on trips to the display shelf.

Be sure to consider whether you’ll be wearing thick winter socks with your boots, and think about whether you’ll be adding warm insoles. If you’re buying vegan winter boots online, be sure to try them on before you remove any of the tags. This way you’ll be able to return them if they don’t fit properly.

Now that you know which features to consider, let’s take a look at the best vegan winter boots for men and women alike. We’re covering a variety of styles here including some fun, unexpected options to keep you looking your best no matter what the weather.

Best Vegan Winter Boots Mens Styles

Polar Fox Cohen MPX808586

Made with vegan leather and featuring a cool wingtip-inspired style, these motorcycle boots feature double stitching and tough rubber soles for excellent traction. Side zippers make for easy on and off, while lace-up fronts make it simple to get the perfect fit. While these Polar Fox boots aren’t the best for deep snow, they’re a great alternative to your everyday shoes when sidewalks get slippery but you still want to keep your look on point.

XPETI Men’s Thermador Mid-Rise Waterproof Boots

Perfect for trekking and hiking through packed snow, XPETI Men’s Thermador Waterproof Boots come in a variety of different colors including black and grey. They feature protective toe caps and an extended outsole to ensure a good grip on the ground, and a waterproof membrane keeps feet dry. These boots run a touch small so be sure to go up a half-size if they’re your top choice. Despite this minor issue, most people like the fit as well as the lightweight, comfortable feel. A few users mention issues with a lack of durability but this seems to be hit and miss. Quite a few mention that these boots did a great job of keeping their feet warm in frigid conditions.

London Fog Men’s Ashford Duck Boot

If you like the look of a classic waterproof boot, then you’re probably going to appreciate London Fog Men’s Ashford Duck Boots. While they’re a bit heavy and not as warm as some other styles, they are great for dealing with rain and slushy conditions. These boots have lace-up fronts so you can easily wear your thickest socks. Since they are on the roomy side, you can add warmer insoles if you like.

Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

If you’re on the lookout for tall vegan winter boots for men and you want the convenience of a slip-on, you’ll probably like the Kamik Men’s Greenbay Cold Weather Boot. These boots get high marks for their waterproof nylon uppers, as well as a drawstring that keeps loose snow from invading. The synthetic rubber sole is a touch heavy but it has plenty of traction. The inner liner is removable. These boots are rated to -40 Fahrenheit, so they’re ideal for places where unforgiving winter weather is the norm.

Sorel Men’s 1964 Pac Nylon Snow Boot

Sorel boots are renowned for their quality, but there’s just one problem: Most of the company’s styles aren’t vegan. Good news, you now have the option to enjoy classic comfort and top quality in a 100 percent synthetic boot. Sorel Men’s 1964 Pac Nylon Snow Boots have the same durable, waterproof soles as other styles offer, along with a cozy removable liner and an expandable, lace-up top. They’re available in several different colors, and people really like the look and feel of the rip-stop nylon shaft. These are some serious snow boots: They keep ice and snow out, and they’re rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether you’re shoveling the driveway, sledding, or walking through a winter wonderland, you’re probably going to like them.

Best Vegan Winter Boots Womens Styles

DAWGS Womens Faux Shearling Winter Boots

One of the best vegan Uggs alternatives on the market! DAWGS faux shearling boots come in all the latest colors including classic brown, and they get extra credit for offering slip-on, lightweight comfort. The faux shearling liner is thick and warm, so your feet stay toasty. It’s worth noting that these boots are best for short trips in dry weather, and that they tend to run small, so it’s best to get at least a half-size up. If you’re looking for a good boot for walking long distances or keeping your feet dry, keep on reading!

JBU by Jambu Women’s Bristol Weather Ready Ankle Boot

Looking for comfort, traction, and warmth all in one? Jambu Women’s Bristol Weather Ready Ankle Boots are vegan, with a durable rubber sole and a cozy memory foam footbed. The lace-up front accommodates thick socks with ease, and the warm faux fur lining helps you deal with cold weather, even when snow and slush are part of the big picture. They come in a few different colors to complement your wardrobe.

GLOBALWIN Women’s 1839 Winter Snow Boots

With cozy faux fur and a comfy liner plus a touch of synthetic leather, GLOBALWIN Women’s 1839 Winter Snow Boots come in simple solids as well as some splashy colors to make your look more interesting even when winter weather is at its worst. These vegan women’s boots get an excellent score for fashionable looks, and most people find that the fit is as expected. In case you’re planning to walk long distances or even enjoy some winter hiking, you’ll like the comfortable feel as well as the waterproof uppers. There’s not much of a heel, so your stride stays natural and you feel stable on slick surfaces.

Kamik Women’s Quincy Snow Boot

Sleek, lightweight and comfortable, Kamik Women’s Quincy Snow Boots feature rubber soles and nylon uppers. They do not offer the best traction on ice. At the same time, they get good marks for warmth and are rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit so your feet stay comfy even when temperatures drop well below the chilly mark. They’re waterproof, so moisture stays out and your feet remain dry.

Kamik Women’s Snowvalley Boot

If you love the idea of a fashionable winter boot that also happens to offer plenty of function, look no further. The Kamik Women’s Snowvalley Boot comes in a variety of popular colors. It is rated to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s tall enough to allow you to wade through heavy snowfall without trouble. The expandable laces and strap closures adjust to accommodate whatever you’re wearing, so feel free to pile on the layers. There are mixed reviews concerning size. Some people feel that the fit is too roomy, while others recommend going up at least half a size if you tend to wear thick socks. These boots get mixed reviews on durability as well. Some people mention hiking for hours in comfort, while others mention flawed construction. If these boots are your first pick, be sure to look the over before wearing them in case you need to have them replaced.

Whatever the weather and wherever your cold-weather activities take you, it’s easier than ever to choose a comfy, warm pair of vegan winter boots. With a combination of traction, quality, and comfort in mind, your new boots will get you through chilly weather and keep you looking your best.