Uses for Pistachio Shells

Not only are pistachios a healthy, tasty treat, but did you know there are uses for pistachio shells? The hard beige outer surfaces have a purpose too? 

In the article, you will learn the many uses of Pistachio shells. Get ready to discover all of the different ways your pistachio shells can influence your life. 

Many Uses in the Garden

Gardening is a beloved pastime used worldwide and is one of the many uses for pistachio shells. The gardener’s arch nemesis is the always intrusive snail and slug. When using pistachio shells, the intruders can’t cross over them due to the salt and shape, making them a good deterrent for those delectable leaves they love.    

Is your cat digging in your garden? Cats are cute and soft but can wreak havoc in your yard using your flower bed as a personal outhouse. There is no need to spread wolf urine; mix pistachio shells around the base of your flowers. This keeps the independent feline from wanting to dig out your beautiful dahlias or delicious cucumbers.  

Soil drainage is an issue with certain ground types such as clay, sand, and silt. What can you do with pistachio shells? Mix them into the soil, which gives it just enough lift between particles making the dirt more drainable. You can also use them in the bottom of hanging pots to help with drainage.

Who knew what once housed your tasty pistachio nut could also help feed and enrich the soil around your plants and flowers? You can soak or grind them before adding them to your soil, in turn enriching it with vitamins and minerals.

Smoking Meats and Starting Fires

Smoking meats can add a distinct flavor to your meal. What you burn creates different aromas and can add something special to your protein of choice. To use your shells, make sure they no longer have any nuts inside before you toss them in the smoker.

Firestarter is an essential item to have on hand, but for the time that you don’t; throw in a handful of pistachio shells and viola, you have a quickfire. They are full of oils that help ignite any flame quickly. 

Art Projects

Art is appreciated by most because it is enjoyable not only to create, but to look at as well. Are you feeling concerned that you have nothing to do with your pile of pistachio shells? Have no fear; use your pistachio shells to make jewelry and sculptures. These are lovely gifts for any of your closest friends, and they will appreciate the uniqueness of each piece.

Whether you’re crafting or wanting to make a masterpiece, there is a history of repurposing art; therefore, pistachio shells are a perfect option. 3D paintings are lovely and are becoming more popular in the art arena. Pistachio shells often have imperfections, so colorful dyes help hide them. Enjoy choosing bright color options, and create a 3D painting that you can hang proudly.

We are in the year of the succulent. You don’t have to worry about a hydrating schedule with one made out of pistachio shells. Be your house guests’ envy with the art succulents, bold colors, glorious shapes that won’t wilt, and die.

Other options using pistachio shells are wreaths, flowers, trees, and bowls. The list goes on and the sky’s the limit. Pinterest will teach you how to create these fun new ideas.

Cosmetics, Toothpaste, and Soap

Your skin is the largest organ on the body, and skincare is critical for longevity. Cosmetic companies have developed uses for pistachio shells, a hydrating body cream. The moisturizing effects on your skin quench any dry patch, and who knew it came from the cover of a nut? 

The mouth holds thousands of different bacterias, and toothpaste is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth. What can you do with pistachio shells? Making toothpaste is not a bad idea, and you can do it yourself.  

Makeup is becoming more natural and mineral-based, and that’s why putting pistachio shell powder in foundation form is so fascinating. When that pesky blemish shows up, there is now the perfect product to cover it up, and it’s safe and non-toxic.   

An idea of something creative to do with pistachio shells is to make textured soaps. They are commonly found in homes and add to an ambiance as well as cleaning your skin. Textured soaps, widely found in homes, have pistachio shells to thank. Your dead skin cells don’t stand a chance against this natural product.

Building Material

Pistachio shells have become an essential material when making the sturdy, reliable, and environmentally safe wood composite. Maintenance can be a concern with some of these products, but less care is necessary when using them with pistachio shells, which is a bonus for most.

3D printers are becoming more widely owned, and pistachio shells just jumped on that bandwagon. These nutty exteriors are used within the glue to help make artifacts come to life. When you’re in the market for a 3D printer, look at the label; pistachio shells will be one of the fascinating ingredients.

Environmental Benefits

A large percentage of pistachios are grown in California. Due to this, they have reported high levels of shell waste. Finding a repurpose for them is brilliant and environmentally friendly. 

Pistachio shell uses aren’t just for beautiful art. These multifaceted pistachio shells help clean our water and activate carbon to alleviate pollution. It’s a vital resource that can successfully help clean up the mess within our environment.

Turkey discovered that when using pistachio shells with other waste, it produces methane to generate heat. With this colossal discovery, they found that it can even help power a city. Electricity isn’t the only way to light your way.   


What comes to mind when you hear mercury emissions? It isn’t pistachio shells, but it should be. Science has found that pistachio shells remove mercury emissions from power plants. Mercury is a toxic element created both inadvertently as well as naturally. With ingestion, it reaches your bloodstream causing health issues. Finding natural ways to rid our environment of these toxins is ideal. 

In your home, a wood-burning stove can be a fire hazard with a build-up of clogging soot. Who do you call? Pistachio shells to the rescue. The oils react with the soot enabling it to flake off. With this process, it will de-soot your chimney, helping prevent fire danger and smoke within your home.

Final Thoughts

Knowledge is power, and now you know all the different uses for pistachio shells. Some may have been surprising but exceptionally useful. They are small and salty, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

In the market for a big bag of pistachio nuts? Don’t worry about buying shell-less because they have many purposes, and now you know them.