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Carbon 60 Health Benefits: The Ultimate Guide to C60 Supplements

What is carbon 60, and how can it benefit you? Also known as carbon C60 or simply called C60, Carbon 60 is a minuscule molecule that consists of 60 carbon atoms all neatly arranged into a sphere shaped-buckminsterfullerene or “buckyball” that looks a lot like a soccer ball. Carbon 60 supplements are typically delivered in a healthy oil. Most c60 supplement manufacturers choose to use high-quality olive oil. Keep reading to learn all about C-60 and its health benefits.

How Is Carbon 60 Made?

C 60 can be found in nature. It, along with other forms of fullerene including C72, C76, C82, and C84 are found in Russia’s shungite deposits as well as in soot and lightning discharges. Most of the carbon 60 that makes its way into supplements is manufactured in laboratories, under strict conditions that ensure purity and uniformity. The resulting soot is passed through a special extraction process, after which it is purified further. The solvents are then evaporated, producing powders that contain about 99.9% carbon 60.

Is C60 Safe?

Let’s start by mentioning that just like lots of other supplements, carbon 60 olive oil and other C60 supplements have not yet been approved for consumption by the FDA. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t safe, but it does mean that if you choose to use a C60 supplement, it’s a very good idea to do your homework when choosing a source and deciding how much to take. There are no well-researched guidelines for human consumption, however there are plenty of anecdotes that can help guide you if you determine that this is something you’d like to experiment with.

You might find yourself wondering whether a product that comes from soot is toxic, but the opposite is true. During a study conducted in 2012, researchers were astonished to discover that carbon 60 doubled the lifespan of the lab rats they fed it to. They attributed C60’s ability to promote longer life to its efficacy as an antioxidant. Thanks to the hollow structure of the bucky ball that makes up each C60 molecule’s shape, researchers believe that the molecule’s essentially mop up free radicals and trap them inside the fullerene’s cage-like structure, preventing them from damaging the body’s cells.

Carbon 60 is being studied for a number of fascinating uses. This is by no means a complete list of carbon 60 uses, but it is certain to pique your interest.

  • Reducing bacterial growth in water pipes and water systems
  • Filtering superfine substances out of other solutions
  • Absorbing chemical spills as microscopic “sponges”
  • Transporting drugs and other tiny molecules through biologically active tissues
  • Reducing inflammation caused by allergic reactions
  • Mitigating degeneration caused by multiple sclerosis
  • Transporting radioactive atoms into cancerous tumors as part of treatment
  • Minimizing the physical signs of aging and extending mammals’ lifespans

What Makes C60 a Useful Health Supplement?

It’s not at all surprising that scientists are excited about the prospect of using carbon 60 molecules for a variety of health and non-health related applications. For the purposes of this guide, we’re going to focus solely on carbon 60 health benefits. Here are some reasons why C60 often proves to be an efficient supplement.

Carbon 60 Neutralizes Free Radicals

Carbon 60 is an electron donor, meaning that it is an effective antioxidant. In fact, C60 is so effective that it is often called a “super” antioxidant. The reason for this is that C60 molecules have an extra electron that can be donated to any other molecule. Free radicals have unpaired electrons, and as they travel through your body, they take an electron from a healthy cell. This electron “theft” essentially disables the healthy cell so it no longer functions correctly, if at all. That’s why some free radicals are often implicated in aging, inflammation, and certain diseases.

As C60 molecules encounter those free radicals in your body, they donate their extra electrons, transforming the free radicals and preventing them from stealing electrons from your healthy cells. Every carbon 60 molecule is able to share extra electrons multiple times. Other antioxidants donate their extra electrons too, but this isn’t the end of the story.

Carbon 60 Selectively Scavenges Free Radicals

Without going off track, it’s worth noting here that not all free radicals are toxic. Some can even benefit your body. Here’s where things get even more interesting: Carbon 60 molecules are selective scavengers. They leave beneficial free radicals alone and target harmful ones. This property is still being studied, and scientists are still trying to determine exactly how this works.

Once harmful free radicals are neutralized or selectively scavenged, your body has the opportunity to heal itself naturally.

C60 Can Pass through the Blood-Brain Barrier  

The blood vessels that feed the body’s central nervous system are incredible! They have the ability to tightly regulate the movement of substances including cells, molecules, and ions between blood vessel walls and the cerebrospinal system including the brain and cerebrospinal fluid.

A carbon 60 molecule measures just 1 nanometer. Like other tiny molecules, it is able to permeate the body’s membranes, including the blood-brain barrier.

Some chemically reactive chemical species containing oxygen (also known as reactive oxygen species or ROS) can cause cellular damage called oxidative stress. Since these can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause damage to brain cells and essential brain chemicals, C60 is particularly valuable for the brain. It is able to scavenge harmful ROS and mend damaged molecules.

Here’s how it works: C60 molecules attach to, neutralize, and clean up ROS molecules that can harm the brain. Once these have been cleaned up, essential brain chemicals including hormones and proteins are able to function normally again. Many people who have tried C60 supplements for brain health discover that they feel better mentally and emotionally, and that they find their intellectual faculties sharpen as well.

Carbon 60 Benefits

Curious about what carbon 60 can do for you? Now that you know more about this amazing molecule, let’s take a closer look at potential health benefits of C60.

Promote Longevity

In the original experiment, carbon 60 effectively neutralized free radicals in rats’ bodies, almost doubling their natural life spans. The experiment has been successfully repeated using mice and rats, increasing lifespan in all subjects by at least five percent. Since carbon 60 wasn’t discovered until 1985 and there haven’t been long, proven studies on human subjects, it is impossible to say whether carbon 60 will double your life span or help you live longer, but there’s a good possibility that you might enjoy a longer life and/or enjoy better quality of life as you age if you supplement with C60. It’s worth noting here that other health factors are certainly going to play a role in how effectively carbon 60 extends life and improves quality of life for those who take it. For example, if you eat a clean diet and avoid things that have a tendency to decrease life span or contribute to chronic conditions, then you’re probably going to live longer and healthier overall.  

Undo Damage Caused by Pollutants

Pollutants are everywhere – in the water we drink, in the air that we breathe, and in the fossil fuels that continue to power most of our vehicles. These are just a few examples! Most pollutants including herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and even processed or deep fried foods contain free radicals that react with the molecules that make up our bodies’ cells and cause damage. Eating a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables is an outstanding way to fight many of these free radicals, and adding a carbon 60 supplement is likely to help.

Provide Some Protection from Viruses

Carbon 60 exhibits antiviral activity, so supplementing might help you combat common illnesses such as cold and flu. Many people who supplement with Carbon 60 notice that they stay healthy even when others around them are coming down with the latest version of the flu.

Increased Energy and Enhanced Mental Clarity

People who take C60 supplements often report that they feel far more energetic, and quite a few notice that they feel like they need less sleep. At the same time, carbon 60 users tend to report a sense of enhanced mental clarity or sharpness. Some people take carbon 60 before tests or important meetings, noting that mental acuity seems to improve. Many people who take carbon 60 notice increased energy the first day they begin supplementing.

Better Athletic Performance

Weight lifters who take carbon 60 find that they’re often able to lift heavier weights, so much so that they have to be careful not to damage muscles and/or tendons. Those who opt to stick with the same amount of weight they were lifting before taking carbon 60 supplements often discover that they can do more reps before muscles start to feel fatigue. When compared with creatine, C60 is often deemed the better of the two supplements in terms of enabling an immediate increase in repetitions as well as muscle capacity.

Runners who take C-60 supplements often notice that they’re able to cover longer distances easier, with better lung performance and perhaps even better utilization of oxygen. Many runners feel as if taking carbon 60 improves stamina and overall endurance and some even report the ability to maintain a faster pace. It’s likely that cyclists, triathletes, and others who engage in demanding aerobic exercise would enjoy similar health benefits from C60.

Ease and Perhaps Prevent Inflammation

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence for carbon 60’s ability to ease pain from arthritis and osteoarthritis, plus a study on arthritic rats showed that carbon 60 did indeed prevent inflammation. A study conducted on rabbits showed that carbon 60 reduced cartilage breakdown, prevented bone inflammation, and prevented the loss of bone-building cells, leading researchers to conclude that C60 might be able to prevent osteoarthritis in humans.

When discussing carbon 60’s benefits, many users note that they feel less general pain and discomfort, including muscle stiffness, chronic back pain, stomach pain, knee pain, and more. One user reported that his eleven-year-old dog, which had previously needed help getting into the truck to go for a ride, was started on C60 and could once again leap in by himself like a much younger dog.

Healing Minor Injuries Faster

Some people who try carbon 60 notice that they heal from minor injuries faster. One man reported that a pulled muscle that would have previously taken weeks to feel better was healed up in a matter of just a few days.

Might Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction and Improve Male Fertility

When diabetic male rats that suffered from poor genital function were treated with carbon 60, researchers noted that the rats recovered completely from complications. Their testosterone levels increased and their sperm motility improved greatly.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that C60 might provide similar benefits for men; many who take the supplement report higher libido than usual.

Might Help with Weight Loss

Can C60 prevent weight gain? It’s possible that this compound helps prevent fat cells from growing larger, but there aren’t many studies to back up the anecdotes. For now, it’s best to stick with your healthy diet and exercise program and hope that your carbon 60 supplement benefits your weight while helping you achieve better health overall.

At the same time, many people who take carbon 60 for other reasons notice that their appetites and cravings are somewhat reduced. Many note that easy, almost effortless weight loss seems to be one of the side effects of carbon 60.

Might Prevent Cancer or Keep Cancer from Metastasizing

Let’s be clear: There is no evidence that carbon 60 prevents cancer or substitutes for known cancer treatments. At the same time, studies have shown that C60 can prevent some types of breast cancer and bone marrow stem cells from communicating with one another. Since cells must communicate in order to spread, this might be good news for future cancer research.

There are a few interesting anecdotes about C60 for cancer. One user had a dog with a baseball-sized fatty tumor visible under the skin. They started to give their dog C60 and noticed that the tumor shrunk over the course of about a month. The tumor returned when the dog stopped taking Carbon 60.

Great for Skin, Plus Prevents Skin Damage from UV Radiation

We all know that it’s a good idea to wear sunscreen, but many commercial formulations contain chemicals that could cause potential harm to our bodies and the environment. In fact, unless we choose reef-safe sunscreen for swimming in the ocean, those chemicals harm our precious coral reefs.

Good news: You can make your own sunscreen with Carbon 60 by blending C60 olive oil with your favorite natural lotion and applying it to your skin. Carbon 60 offers lots of healing skin benefits, plus it reportedly stops sunburn.

Low concentrations of carbon 60 have been shown to help heal acne and other inflammatory skin conditions and when a skin disorder causes hair loss, using carbon 60 topically might help regrow hair. In one study, bald mice experienced rapid hair regrowth when C-60 was applied.

While you may notice some of C60’s benefits for skin by ingesting it, you might like to try topical application. C60 topical benefits include the following:

  • Anti-acne
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiviral & antimicrobial
  • Anti-wrinkling
  • Pore tightening
  • Melanin control, i.e. for potentially preventing melanomas

Some cosmetic products include C60; in fact, some companies were using carbon 60 in their products before 2012’s famous rat study. There are quite a few studies that cover the use of fullerne-C60 in cosmetics use, and there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence as well.

C60 for Wrinkles

In one Japanese study, purified solvent-free fullerene C60 was dissolved in squalene derived from olive oil. A group of 23 women with an average age of 38.9 years old applied the solution to just half of their faces twice daily, and applied oil alone to the other half. The results were noticeable and there were no severe side effects.

Carbon 60 for acne

A study titled Improvement of acne vulgaris by topical fullerene application: Unique impact on skin care showed that participants who applied a gel containing 60 to their faces twice daily enjoyed a significant decrease in the number of acne pustules. The average acne pustule reduction rate was 87.6 percent.

More Ways to Use C60 Topically

C60 has been used topically for bug bites, minor cuts and scrapes, rashes, and more. A tiny drop applied to the affected area two to four times daily seems to be enough. Of course, you should keep a very close eye on any injury, and have your health care provider take a look if it seems to be worsening or not healing.

People with sore muscles and sore joints report that it provides some relief, simply massaged into the affected area once or twice daily.

If you obtain raw C60, you can mix the powder with an oil that is good for your skin type, i.e. grapeseed or flaxseed oil for oily skin, sunflower or argan oil for combination skin, and coconut oil or avocado oil for dry skin.

May Help with Hair Growth

Some people find that their hair grows in thicker when they use C60, and some with hair loss find that carbon 60 helps regrow hair. There are quite a few C60 hair growth products available. Most are meant for topical application, so that follicular cells can be targeted. As with other benefits, carbon 60 hair growth may take some time – particularly as hair follicles that have stopped producing hair must re-enter the anagen growth phase before you notice anything happening.

Many people who try a product called C360 HairGrowth for hair growth see visible results beginning at the three to six week mark. Others note that it takes at least a few months for growth to increase. The slower growth rate is backed up by a study mentioned by the Vitamin C60 Bioresearch Corporation, which reports 16% faster hair growth at six months after a product called Radical Sponge was applied.

More Interesting Health Benefits of C60

People who take C60 find out that all kinds of things happen, even though these weren’t expected benefits or side effects. Here’s a sampling.

Eases Restless Legs Syndrome

If you have restless legs syndrome, you might want to try C60. A few users report that when taking carbon 60 for other purposes, they notice that their restless legs syndrome clears up as well.

Better Sleep

Even though C60 has a reputation for enhancing energy and reducing sleep needs, users tend to report that their quality of sleep improves so they wake up feeling refreshed and ready for whatever life throws their way the following day.

Provides Protection from Poison Oak

One person who took C60 reported falling into a patch of poison oak. He expected to experience a painful, burning rash as he had a history of being highly reactive to poison oak toxins. To his surprise, no rash appeared. He said that he’d been taking carbon 60 for about 6 months prior to the incident. 

Prevents MSG Toxicity

More than a few people have reported that they don’t get headaches and other MSG side effects when taking carbon 60. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a potent neurotoxin yet it’s commonly used as a flavor enhancer. Many foods contain MSG. While it’s best to minimize your intake, you might find that sensitivity decreases or even disappears when you make carbon 60 part of your regular health regimen.

Restores Hair to Original, Youthful Color

Many people who take C60 and who have greying hair notice that new hair growth has more color. This is one more reason why C60 supplements are gaining popularity with those who want to regain youthful vitality.

Improves Eyesight

Over time, many users report that Carbon 60 supplementation leads to better eyesight. If you’re taking C60 and you notice that your glasses or contacts don’t seem to be working properly anymore, this might be the reason why. Of course you’ll have to go in for a new prescription if you still need glasses or contacts, but it’s a lot of fun to think about your eye doctor’s reaction when your sight has improved rather than declining with age.

Carbon 60 Benefits for Pets

Since there are many C60 animal studies, researchers have amassed quite a bit of data concerning C60’s benefits for pets. It would be great if our animals could talk to us and tell us exactly how they’re feeling but for now, we have to rely on their behavior and appearance.

In general, pets such as dogs, cats, and horses taking C60 enjoy increased alertness, better energy, healthier skin, and a softer coat. Enhanced overall health and improved mobility are other common benefits.

If you want to give a dog C60 or treat another animal to a daily dose, it’s probably best to mix the C60 supplement into a food that the animal likes. Many pets do like the flavor of C60 olive oil on its own so consider offering them a few licks if you’re concerned about overfeeding or if your pet has a poor appetite.

Just like for humans, C60 for pets might or might not work right away. Some pets exhibit immediate improvement, but most take between two and four weeks to start looking and/or feeling better.

Carbon 60 Precautions and Side Effects

As with all supplements, C-60 comes with some precautions and potential side effects.

Carbon 60 hasn’t been tested for safety on children, and it isn’t recommended for anyone who is still growing. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

It’s important to remember that like many other supplements out there, carbon 60 hasn’t been approved by the FDA. This is fairly new and has only been studied in animals. Human results are anecdotal in nature, and taking it amounts to experimenting on yourself. In essence, when you decide to take C60, you’re being your own guinea pig.

Second, not everyone achieves the same results. Some people are amazed at what carbon 60 does for them, others are disappointed or find that their results are either minor or sporadic.

C60’s benefits can be subtle. Some people who take it don’t realize that it has been helping them until they stop supplementing and then realize that they felt better in general during the time when they were taking C60.

Consider whether you have any pre-existing conditions and take your general health into mind. If you take prescription medicines, C60 might interact with them. If you take an iron supplement, you’ll want to up the dose since carbon 60 flushes heavy metals from the body and you don’t want to deplete your iron stores further.

If you decide to purchase raw carbon 60 and make your own blends, be sure to mix everything in the dark, using a red light to see. Commercial C60 preparations are blended in darkness to prevent damage to the buckminsterfullerene molecules.

Carbon 60’s Detox Effect

If you’ve ever gone on a water fast or dry fast, or if you’ve done an extended juice or smoothie cleanse, then you’re probably familiar with the way detoxification feels. C60 often exerts a similar effect, overwhelming the body as you eliminate toxins.

Flu-like symptoms, headaches, general itching, and rashes are common particularly in people who are fairly new to healthy lifestyles, or who have had lifelong exposure to chemicals. If you have been drinking plenty of water, eating lots of antioxidants in the form of fruits and vegetables, taking vitamins and minerals, and breaking a sweat a few times per week, then you are less likely to experience these side effects. It’s worth noting that side effects are usually mild and once they clear up, users begin to notice some health benefits from taking carbon 60.

How Much Carbon 60 Should I Take?

If you decide to try C60 supplements, how much should you take? How often should you take carbon 60? C60 manufacturers have different recommendations and there are a few different ways to take it.

LivePet LLC has conducted extensive research on animals (all tests benefitted the animals and none were harmed), and came up with dosage recommendations based on animal weight. Although they found that dogs taking up to 16 times the recommended C60 dose weren’t harmed, they found no reason to increase dosages.

Most recommendations for dosing say that it’s best to aim for less that 1 milligram of C60 per kilogram of body weight, and many people begin by trying out a 5 to 10 milligram daily dose of C60, then gradually increase until they reach their target.

Bucky Labs offers a useful dosage calculator for C60. It is based on allometric scaling and the dropper bulb volume in products offered by the company.

Others opt for loading, followed by maintenance. It is generally accepted that the C60 loading dose for anyone weighing 100 pounds is 3 teaspoons (1 tablespoon) with an additional ½ teaspoon per 20 pounds of body weight. The loading dose is taken for ten days, and is followed by a maintenance dose, which is half the loading dose.

The amount of actual C60 oil to take depends on the oil’s strength. You might have to play with your dosage to find out what’s right for you. Since carbon 60 is not medically endorsed and doctors don’t prescribe it, it can be impossible to determine just how much you ought to take!

Should I Take C60 with Food or On an Empty Stomach?

Many people opt to take C60 on an empty stomach, while others prefer to take it sublingually and allow it to absorb into the blood vessels under the tongue. Some prefer to mix their carbon 60 supplements into smoothies or shakes.

How to Store Carbon 60

If you decide that this supplement is one that you’d like to try, be sure to store your carbon 60 in a cool, dark place but don’t refrigerate it. The cool temperature will help preserve the oil and prevent it from going rancid, and the darkness will preserve the C60 molecules themselves. Since carbon 60 molecules split off reactive oxygen species when exposed to UV light, preventing exposure will assure potency.

A cabinet, pantry, or closet is the ideal place for C60 storage. It’s best to keep your C60 at a temperature between 65 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Shelf life under these conditions is usually about one year but be sure to double-check the manufacturer’s notes to be sure.

The Best Carbon 60 Supplements

There are many high-quality C60 supplements available. While carbon 60 oil isn’t the cheapest supplement around, it isn’t the most expensive either, and prices per ounce have been dropping over time as demand increases and more suppliers come online.

C60 olive oil supplements are still most common, but some manufacturers offer C60 coconut oil, C60 avocado oil, C60 in hemp oil, and C60 dissolved in other healthful oils such as sunflower oil or pumpkin seed oil. A few companies are even producing C60 + CBD oil.

Here are just a few standout products we found.

C60 Supply C60 in Olive Oil

C60 Supply C60 in Olive Oil gets high marks for purity, quality, and the bottle design, which allows users to insert a syringe into the top and easily extract the correct amount. It comes with a certificate of analysis.

Research Grade Carbon 60 Olive Oil

Improved eyesight, better energy, and improved strength are a few benefits attributed to Research Grade Carbon 60 Olive Oil. This brand has fewer reviews than some others as it comes from a relatively new manufacturer.

C60 in Coconut Oil

Those who prefer coconut oil tend to like C60 Purple Power in Coconut Oil and C60 Lift Purple Coconut Oil, noting that it helps with a number of hair and skin conditions while improving energy as well. 

Bucky Labs C60 Olive Oil

While some dislike the flavor of Bucky Labs C60 Olive Oil, it gets favorable comments for boosting energy, and the built-in dropper is a nice touch.

Good and Cheap Carbon 60 Olive Oil

Good and Cheap has its products analyzed via third party testing, and receives plenty of positive remarks regarding its product’s efficacy for mental clarity, improved energy, reduced stress, and improved physical stamina. Quite a few reviewers mention that the oil’s flavor isn’t great but they like the effects and tend to continue taking the product.

Organic C60 Hemp Oil

Organic C60 Hemp Oil is a newer product and so far, consumers don’t have a lot to say although they do like the inclusion of hemp oil for flavor and added antioxidants. One person gave this product five stars based on the fact that they remained healthy while everyone around them caught the flu.

DIY Carbon 60

Is it possible to make C60? Let’s take a closer look. 

Can You Make C60 at Home?

It’s possible to purchase laboratory equipment including arc reactors, stirrers, centrifuges, and filters to make your own carbon 60 supplement, but this method is cost-prohibitive. The components needed for building a fullerene arc plasma reactor would cost thousands of dollars, plus you’d need laboratory glassware, inert gases, graphite, and other consumables along with the necessary knowledge to operate the equipment, extract carbon 60, and filter it for supplement use. The fullerene production industry is worth millions and there are plenty of safe, effective carbon 60 olive oil supplements available. For now, there’s no proven cheap, easy way to make raw C60 at home. Of course, this could change at any time!

Can You Make Your Own Supplements with Raw C60?

You can make C60 olive oil using raw carbon 60, which can be purchased online. Raw C60 powder is usually rated at 99.95 to 99.99 percent pure. All of these grades are used by C60 oil manufacturers.

When purchasing raw carbon 60, it’s vital to ensure that you choose a variety that has had all solvents removed or “burned off” secondary to the manufacturing process. The solvents are toxic and you don’t want to ingest them or apply them topically.

Raw carbon 60 is generally sold by the gram, with prices varying depending on purity. You might want to try a pre-made carbon 60 supplement to familiarize yourself with the effects and see whether this is a good supplement for you before you invest in raw fullerene C60. If you do like taking C60, then you’ll probably save money by mixing DIY C60 oil.

If you’re purchasing raw C60 and making your own blend, be sure to dissolve it in a healthful oil. Most researchers note that it may be beneficial to aim for a dilution rate of at least 8mg / ml since that’s the ratio used in the original carbon 60 rat study. Some “super” or extra-strength C60 supplements contain higher ratios and come with claims of enhanced benefits so it seems that there’s no need to worry if your ratio is higher than 8mg/ml. In fact, a higher ratio might be useful if you’re concerned about consuming too much oil at once.   

Can You Use Shungite Crystals for Carbon 60?

Shungite is only found in the Republic of Karelia, which is located in the northwestern region of European Russia. Most shungite contains a small amount of carbon 60, usually around one to two percent. Shungite sold for water purification contains an average of 30 to 60 percent carbon 60, while elite shungite, which is usually used for making jewelry to provide protection from EMF contains 98 to 99 percent carbon 60. The only known elite shungite deposit was almost completely exhausted, although the mineral is still extracted by hand. It costs a bit more than other forms of shungite, but it is an amazing mineral with a gorgeous, shiny gleam. If you’re interested in crystals and minerals, a piece of elite shungite would make quite a nice addition to your collection, plus it would give you a ready source of healing fullerines.

Inerestingly enough, shungite purifies water, effectively eliminating harmful organic compounds, bacteria, and pesticides. In experiments, shungite water has displayed antibacterial activity against streptococcus. The shungite water purification method takes a few days so it’s not as practical as other water filtering methods, but the resulting water is full of carbon 60 molecules!  

How to Purify Water with Shungite

The first and perhaps the easiest is to make shungite water by obtaining shungite crystals and soaking them in water for 48 to 72 hours before consuming the water or using it topically. You should use at 100 grams of shungite per liter of water and replace the shungite crystals every 6 months if using them regularly. Some people who use shungite for purifying water recommend setting the stones in the sun for one day each month to recharge them.

If you use elite shungite for detox water, you’ll get faster results – a liter of water with with 50 to 75 grams of elite shungite is fully filtered, mineralized, and ready to drink or use topically in just 6 hours.

If you decide to make C60 water with shungite, you may enjoy the following benefits.

Internal consumption:

  • Reducing allergy symptoms due to a decrease in histamines
  • Clear up skin conditions including acne
  • Reduce arthritis symptoms
  • Shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms
  • As a tonic, improve overall health and perhaps reduce visible signs of aging

External application:

  • Heal acne and repair other skin conditions
  • Help minor injuries such as small cuts and burns heal faster
  • Fight dandruff
  • Improve hair strength
  • Fight the visible signs of aging

Remember, these potential shungite health benefits haven’t been medically proven, however there is ample anecdotal evidence. Shungite water won’t harm you, so feel free to give it a try!

Whether you decide to try carbon 60 or not, this is a fascinating supplement that offers plenty of potential. It’s exciting to consider how this incredible substance might be able to make a remarkable difference in health, longevity, and quality of life for aging people and pets.