Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy: Reviews and More

There are quite a few Vedda blood Sugar reviews available. As with every book and diet program, this one gets positive reviews as well as negative ones. Before we get started, we’d like to mention that solutions that work well for one person might not be well-suited to everyone else. With this in mind, let’s take a deeper look at the Vedda blood sugar protocol. This article is designed to help you make a well-informed decision if you’re considering this way of eating for yourself. It describes the basic idea behind the Vedda Blood Sugar diet, covers positive and negative points from reviews, and more.

What is the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy?

The Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy: A Punch to Diabetes is a book by Michael Dempsey. The author claims that he conducted in-depth research into natural remedies for high blood sugar and created the protocol in an attempt to help his diabetic wife and daughter regain their health. The remedy gets its name from the Vedda tribe of Sri Lanka. Other authors have written similar works and there are quite a few programs out there that appear to copy the original information.

Whichever version of the program you’re considering, it’s a good idea to take a quick peek into the Vedda lifestyle. As these people are hunter-gatherers, their diet consists mainly of wild food including meat, vegetables, and coconut. Contemporary Vedda people cultivate foods including maize, melons, yams, and gourds to supplement the wild foods they forage.

Like nearly all indigenous people, the Vedda tribe has a long history of using natural remedies for treating a variety of illnesses. Coconut oil is among the primary ingredients in many of these remedies, and is credited with keeping the Vedda people in good health.

The Vedda blood sugar program doesn’t stop at coconut oil. The original book contains plenty of recipes designed to help the protocol’s followers reduce blood sugar naturally, along with a full 30-day meal plan. As you might guess, the diet focuses on eliminating added sugars from the diet while fueling the body on foods that are higher in fat and protein, as well as some complex carbohydrates.

Is the Vedda Blood Sugar Protocol good or bad?

This is a tricky question. It depends on who you ask! Needless to say, diabetes patients who are on medication should not stop their prescriptions without approval from their physician. People who have high blood sugar but don’t take medication are often advised to make dietary changes, and the Vedda blood sugar diet described in the book appears to be a healthy one that could make a positive difference.

Pros and Cons of the Vedda Blood Sugar Diet

Like every other diet, the Vedda blood Sugar Protocol comes with pros and cons to be aware of. Here are some main points to keep in mind if you’re considering this protocol for yourself.


This is a simple diet consisting of natural foods that are good for you. If you’re currently following the standard American diet (SAD), this is probably going to be an improvement.

The foods and supplements found in the Vedda blood Sugar Protocol are easy to find, and they’re not particularly expensive. In fact, if you have a tendency to dine out frequently or eat a lot of fast food, then you’re likely to save money in the long run when you follow this protocol or a similar whole-foods-based way of eating.

You’ll probably lose weight on this diet, unless you’re already at your ideal weight. Since type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar, and excess body fat tend to go hand in hand, this protocol joins similar programs in addressing all three problems without getting into overly complicated territory.

You’re likely to enjoy favorable results fairly quickly, particularly if your current eating habits tend toward the unhealthy side. Once the 30-day window has passed, a comparison between where you were before starting the Vedda blood sugar diet and after its conclusion is likely to reveal quite a difference in the way you look and feel, as well as in your blood sugar test results.


If you tend to love a lot of variety in your daily diet, you might find that this protocol is a bit boring. The good news is that you don’t have to follow the diet forever.

If you’re allergic to coconut, you’ll have to stay away from this protocol.

If you dislike coconut oil, you will have a very hard time following the protocol. Again, it doesn’t last forever. If you can stick with the program for 30 days, you’re probably going to enjoy favorable results.

You can’t go back to eating a poor diet after finishing this program and expect to maintain your results. You’ll need to stick to a healthy way of eating or suffer a relapse.

Is the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy a scam?

Just like other diets and lifestyle modifications, scammers have grabbed onto the Vedda Blood Sugar Remedy in an attempt to take advantage of people who are looking for a natural way to reduce blood sugar and improve health overall. At the same time, there are plenty of good resources that provide in-depth information about the Vedda blood Sugar Remedy. It’s always a great idea to see what other consumers have to say before investing in anything, and to take claims that seem to be too good to be true with a grain of salt.

In reading Vedda blood Sugar reviews from Amazon and other sites, we found reviewers who were happy with the program as well as those who didn’t get the results they were hoping for. Some said the book was great, while others thought it was just OK. Some felt it was downright terrible. Some people felt that they benefited by following the program, while others thought it wasn’t any better or worse than anything else they had tried. Some described the program as “common sense information” that could be found elsewhere.

Should you try the Vedda blood sugar diet?

The bottom line? It’s never a bad idea to work on lowering blood sugar naturally, whether you have diabetes, prediabetes, or a simple desire to achieve or maintain better health. So long as your doctor approves of the approach you’d like to try, there’s no harm in giving it a shot. Look out for your financial well-being by avoiding scammers along the way, and you just might benefit from giving the Vedda blood sugar remedy a try.