Jasmine Tea Benefits: Why You Should Try Jasmine Tea Today

Once you’ve tried a cup of fragrant jasmine tea, you’re probably going to add it to your list of favorites! But there’s more to this wonderful, relaxing brew than its delightful aroma. Jasmine tea’s benefits are many. Not only is it great for your body, it can help your mind, too.

Types of Jasmine Tea

Before we take a peek at the benefits of jasmine tea, it’s important to mention that there are quite a few different varieties to consider. Whichever you choose, make sure that it is scented with real jasmine, and not with artificial scents.

Most jasmine tea is made with green tea, but you can also find jasmine white tea, which offers similar benefits and a slightly lighter taste. Jasmine herbal tea usually contains jasmine flowers along with other herbs, and its benefits vary depending on the exact recipe being used. Some jasmine teas are made with oolong or black tea, but they’re not as popular as the green and white varieties.

How Jasmine Tea is Made

I promise, we’re going to get into jasmine tea benefits shortly but first, let’s look at how jasmine tea gets its signature flavor and aroma. As it turns out, manufacturers have access to several different processes that result in varying grades of jasmine tea.

Traditional jasmine tea is made with green tea leaves of the same variety that goes into plain green tea. Jasmine tea blends made with more tea buds than tea leaves offers a lighter, less intense flavor, which helps the jasmine taste and aroma stand out a little more than blends made with a higher ratio of tea leaves.

The tea itself is an important part of the overall recipe, but it’s just the beginning.

Fresh Floral Scented Jasmine Teas

The most desirable jasmine tea is made in a warm chamber where woven trays of fresh tea leaves are positioned above trays of fresh jasmine flowers. As the flowers release their scent, it is transferred to the tea leaves above, lending incredible flavor and aroma. The flowers are expensive, and they must be replaced frequently to ensure that the finished tea is perfect. Once dried, the tea leaves are packaged immediately. This type of jasmine green tea is more expensive than others but it’s the best by far. Once you try it, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Even though much of the fragrance fades during the initial scenting process, the “spent” jasmine flowers still have some life. Manufacturers mix them together with tea leaves and allow them to impart what’s left of their scent. The flowers are then separated from the tea leaves and the tea is packaged for sale. This method is less expensive and even though the resulting tea isn’t as desirable to connoisseurs, it’s still wonderful. This type of jasmine tea is widely available.

Other Jasmine Tea Flavoring Methods  

Some manufacturers use jasmine essential oil, artificial jasmine flavor, or a blend of other floral flavors to give their jasmine tea a nice aroma. These jasmine tea types aren’t exactly bad for you; in fact, they’re likely to offer some benefits so long as there’s nothing artificial added. At the same time, someone who is familiar with true jasmine tea is quite likely to notice the difference. For this reason, jasmine tea scented with essential oil or another floral blend is usually less desirable than the traditional variety.

How Jasmine Tea is Packaged

You can purchase jasmine tea in loose-leaf form, as well as in tea bags. You can also get jasmine dragon pearl tea, which usually consists of a pair of green tea buds rolled together with a tea leaf, or if you’re feeling posh, you can treat yourself to flowering tea that features a jasmine flower that reveals itself as the tea unfolds in the pot. It’s all up to you! You might like flowering tea for special occasions and loose-leaf jasmine tea, tea bags, tea sachets, or jasmine pearls for everyday enjoyment. They all offer some benefits and they’re all enjoyable in their own way.

Jasmine Tea Health Benefits

Natural jasmine offers a wonderfully relaxing fragrance, which can really help you unwind and enjoy the moment. Much like lavender, jasmine can help you lower your blood pressure temporarily while also lowering your heart rate a notch. There’s one more benefit to consider: Jasmine tea is considered to be an aphrodisiac by some. There isn’t any real evidence to suggest that drinking jasmine tea will make you feel more amorous but if you’re already in the mood for romance, this sweet, intoxicating fragrance might help you set the stage.

For the most part, jasmine tea’s health benefits come from the tea leaves that are used to make it. The fresher and more natural the tea, the better it is likely to be for you.

Jasmine Tea Offers Antioxidants

Most of us pay close attention to the amount of antioxidants we’re getting in our daily diet, since these healthful compounds ward off damage caused by free radicals and contribute to good health on a cellular level. All black, oolong, green, and white teas contain antioxidants, so feel free to enjoy your favorite variety.

Jasmine Tea is Good for Your Heart

While you do want to watch your caffeine intake, one important jasmine green tea benefit comes from antioxidants called catechins, which can inhibit bad LDL cholesterol and improve your heart health overall. Catechins can help prevent oxidative stress and inflammation, reducing your risk of heart disease and heart attack as time goes by. A daily cup or two of green or white jasmine tea is plenty!

Jasmine Tea Might Help You Age Slower

Antioxidants come to the rescue once again! One of jasmine tea’s many benefits is its ability to reduce cellular damage that shows up as visible signs of aging. The best approach is to focus on other factors such as wearing sunscreen, using good skincare products, eating a healthy diet, and getting plenty of exercise and think of jasmine green tea as an addition to a healthy lifestyle overall.

Jasmine Tea May Help Improve Circulation

There are many factors that go into healthy circulation, and jasmine tea can be part of the big picture. Thanks to antioxidants that help keep bad cholesterol in check plus a bit of caffeine, this lovely brew can help improve circulation over time, effectively reducing your risk of conditions such as blocked arteries, stroke, heart attack, and arterial thrombosis.

Jasmine Tea Can Bolster Your Immune System

We all want to enjoy good health, and the immune system is key to that enjoyment. Jasmine green tea helps to keep your immune system healthy and again, we have antioxidants to thank! At the same time, jasmine green tea offers some anti-inflammatory properties that give the immune system a boost, helping ward off everything from the common cold to more serious diseases and chronic conditions.

There’s a common misconception that says jasmine green tea prevents cancer. This is not true but drinking it often does strengthen your body’s natural defenses. If you are fighting cancer, you may want to ask your doctor about drinking this type of tea since many cancer treatments deplete your immune system and increase your vulnerability to common illnesses.

Jasmine Tea May Help with Weight Loss

There’s one more jasmine tea health benefit to consider: Whether it’s made with green tea leaves or white tea leaves, jasmine tea might help you lose weight. This is partly due to the caffeine in the tea, which is linked with natural appetite reduction. At the same time, the antioxidants can give your metabolism a boost, so you process nutrients a bit faster and burn a few more calories during exercise and other activities.

At the same time, the jasmine in this type of green tea satisfies your senses and can help you forget about other cravings. When you’re in the mood for a treat, consider trying a nice cup of jasmine tea! It’s likely to help and so long as you don’t add sugar or honey, it’s got zero calories.

How to Make Jasmine Tea

Ready to make the perfect cup of jasmine tea?

Start with a high-quality tea. Bring a pot of filtered water to a simmer. If it boils, reduce the heat somewhat. Unlike some other, stronger teas, you want this type of tea to retain a delicate flavor.

Pour your water into a mug and add your tea sachet, pearls (two to three depending on the package recommendations), or tea ball filled with about a teaspoon of loose-leaf jasmine tea. Allow the tea to steep for just about three minutes, and then remove the tea bag, ball, or pearls from the cup so that the tea doesn’t become too bitter. Feel free to enjoy the aroma while the tea brews: It’s certain to be a relaxing experience.

Most people prefer to drink their tea hot, but iced jasmine tea is a wonderfully refreshing treat on a hot summer day. That’s it! Now that you know all about jasmine green tea benefits, try some different varieties for yourself. Each has something special to offer, and with time and comparison, you’ll probably find a few favorites to enjoy and share with others.