How Long Do Tea Lights Burn

If you need ambiance for an event, tea lights will help you accomplish your goal. The tiny lights create a lovely amount of luminescence for an event. If you are wondering how long do tea lights burn, it is helpful to understand why they last as long as they do.

Tea lights are small candles that burn inside of little metal cups. The cups are what make the tea lights burn for as long as they do. So, how long do tea lights burn? The answer varies based on the type of tea light you use. 

How Long Do Tea Lights Burn?

A typical wax tea light will burn for three to eight hours. The burn time depends on what type of wax the manufacturers use and their cups. Some have aluminum cups, which are ideal for use in an opaque candle holder. Others have clear cups that look good in clear candle holders. 

If you are holding an event, tea lights are good choices for decorations or ambiance lighting because they are easy to dispose of at the end of the event. You can buy tea lights in bulk, so they are not only attractive options for events but also affordable. 

How Long Do Battery Tea Lights Burn?

Some people prefer to use battery-powered tea lights. While they don’t technically burn, they do flicker like a candle with a flame. Battery tea lights have a small button battery. Some battery tea lights have replaceable batteries, and some are for single-use. Most have on-off switches on the bottom. 

A typical battery tea light runs between six and nine hours. Battery-powered tea lights are usually more expensive than a wax tea light. They also come in bulk so that you can use them for your events. Many people use them for outdoor events because they are entirely flameless and do not pose any dangers or threats to the surrounding environment.

How Long Do Ikea Tea Lights Burn?

The Scandinavian company, Ikea, makes tea lights that come in packs of 100. These affordable tea lights are popular because of their quality and low price. Because they are cost-efficient and come in bags of 100, people choose these for events. 

If you are considering them, you should ask yourself,  how long do Ikea tea lights burn? According to Ikea, the tea lights burn for about four hours. This is shorter than other brands, but the unscented candles still remain popular. 

You can find Ikea tea lights in their brick-and-mortar stores in big cities all over the world. You can also find them online through Ikea and Amazon. 

How Long Do Soy Tea Lights Burn

Soy candles are popular with people who do not like the sooty residue from traditional wax candles. After burning paraffin candles for hours, the emissions can affect the air quality in your home. Soy candles come from sustainable soy rather than oil-based paraffin. People like that soy candles burn longer than wax candles and that they burn cleaner than wax candles. 

Soy candles generally cost more than paraffin candles. Because tea lights are so small, soy candles don’t cost much more than wax tea lights. Before you invest in them for your home or event, you should know how long do soy tea lights burn? Most soy tea lights burn for about five hours. 

Why Are They Called Tea Lights?

People usually use tea lights for decoration. For example, many people use them outside to illuminate their walkways on Halloween. People also use them to decorate tables at weddings and other parties. But, tea lights were not originally made to be used as decoration. Like most candles, they were created to serve a useful purpose. 

Tea lights were created to keep teapots warm. You would put the candles in a small base for a teapot. The heat from the flame kept the water warm in the teapot so you would not have to reheat the water on the stove. Now that people use their microwaves to heat water, tea lights have become decorative rather than useful. But, teapot warmers are still available for sale. 

Many people also use tea lights to heat fondue. But, because tea lights do not give off much heat, people enjoying fondue tend to use sterno instead. Sterno is an odorless canned heat source made from jellied, denatured alcohol. Sterno possesses an open flame, but it spreads throughout the can. 

Make Your Own Tea Lights

Instead of throwing out the small cup that holds your tea lights, you can reuse them and make your own candles. All too often, candles do not burn all of their wax. So, if you have any leftover candle wax in your larger candles, you can melt it and put it into tea light cups. If you have a broken candle holder, you can salvage the wax into tea lights, too. 

If you reuse your old tea light cups, you won’t need to buy more. However, you will need to buy new wicks, which are available at craft stores and online. 

When you are ready to make your new tea lights, heat your oven to 180º. Then, put your broken or near-empty candle holder upside down in an oven-proof bowl. Let the wax melt into the bowl in the oven for five to ten minutes. The wax will most likely drop into the bowl. Then, you can remove the old jar from the oven. 

Leave the wax in the oven so it can liquify. Check on it every five minutes to monitor the melting. Once it is melted, it’s ready to pour into the tea light cups. While the wax is melting, put the wicks into your tea lights and cut them to fit. Place the empty cups on a cookie tin or over wax paper. 

Once the wax is melted, carefully pour the wax into the new tea lights. Let them cool, and enjoy your new-found light.

Whether you choose wax or soy, natural or electric, or decide to make your own; tea lights are sure to add a sophisticated and fun touch to any area.