Magzter Review

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There are those who are stating that the day of print journalism is over; that the internet has stolen their reader base. Newspapers and magazines worldwide are suffering under reduced income driven by reduced readership, at the same time that their advertisers are shifting direction to electric advertising as well. The key for these traditional … Read more

What Does the Bible Say About Community?

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There’s a saying that “No man is an island”. While this isn’t from the Bible, it could have been. It came from a devotional written in 1624 by John Donne, a cleric in the Church of England, who had come out of the Catholic revival. Donne understood a basic Biblical principle, that God created man … Read more

How to Grow Long-Stem Roses

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Of all the flowering plants, the rose is especially prized for its beauty and fragrance. Roses have become the symbol of love, giving for special occasions and just to say “I love you.” Long-stem roses in particular, are a favorite, sold by the dozens by most florists.  But growing long-stem roses is something that is … Read more

If I Let Him Go Will He Come Back?

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You’ve probably heard these sayings before: “If you love him let him go.” “Let him go he’ll come back to you.” Is there any truth to these sayings? Should you consider letting him go? Will he come back if you break up? In this guide, we’ll cover the pros and cons of ending your relationship … Read more

Best Air Purifiers for Smoke: 5 to Consider

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What’s the best air purifier for smokers? Whether you live with someone who smokes or if you smoke cigarettes, cigars, a pipe, or a hookah yourself, you want your indoor air to smell fresh and clean, not like stale smoke. We’ve done the homework for you, reading countless air purifier reviews to bring you a … Read more

Best Gun Oil: 7 Reliable Products to Add to Your Range Bag

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With good-quality gun oil, your firearms are destined to perform better, last longer, and of course, stay cleaner. With so many different products on the market though, what’s the best gun oil? Everyone has an opinion and of course each manufacturer claims that theirs is the best gun lube available. With good-quality gun oil, your … Read more

Best Gun Cleaner

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Whether you’re a hunter, a police officer, a soldier, or someone who simply enjoys the fun of skeet shooting, you know that a clean gun is a happy gun. The question is, with so many products on the market, what’s the best gun cleaner? We decided to tackle this issue, reading hundreds of reviews to … Read more

Leather Glue: What Type is Best?

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Whether you’re repairing a leather sofa, a car seat, or another item made of leather, it’s very important to use glue for leather instead of trying your luck with another type of adhesive. Leather glue offers a flexible hold, so craft projects and repairs turn out looking great, with a reliable bond that stands up … Read more

Best Triple Stroller: The Ultimate Guide

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Whether you have triplets, twins and another little one, or toddlers and a new baby, you’ll find that a triple stroller makes life a whole lot easier! The good news is that there are quite a few 3 seat strollers on the market now and all of them are pretty good. In this quick guide, … Read more

The Adult Tricycle: Is it For You?

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Remember being a little tyke and enjoying the fun and stability that came with riding a tricycle? Adult trikes have been around forever but they’re getting more and more popular – maybe because they’re so much fun to ride! If you’ve been thinking about getting an adult trike to call your own, this guide should … Read more