Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

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By now, we’ve all heard about the children’s obesity crisis and we know that our kids need to be more active. Luckily, fitness trackers for kids make things a bit easier with fun features that make exercise seem more like a game. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best fitness … Read more

Best Pore Minimizing Primer: Which One’s Right for You?

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If you have deep, noticeable pores, you might be wondering about the best way to make them less noticeable. That’s where the best pore filling primer comes in. Since products that minimize pores work by filling them in for a smoother look, it’s very important to choose non-comedogenic products that will wash away completely at … Read more

What are Perm Rods? Types of Perm Rods & More

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Curious about perm rods? You might think that these little curlers are just for women who like to set their hair in tight waves so that it will stay in place for a few days or more, but the truth is that just about anyone can put a perm rod set to use, even if … Read more

Best Clothes for Curvy Petite Sizes

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When you’re petite with curves, it can be tough to decide what to wear! Shopping can feel like a real chore since most clothing labeled as “petite” is designed for women who are petite all over, not for those of us with a “curvy” petite body type. Luckily, there are a few brands that stand … Read more

Movies Set in Paris: The Ultimate List

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Ah, the City of Light: It’s a place for romance, action, and everything in-between. No wonder there are so many movies set in Paris! This list contains all of the best movies about Paris as well as movies about France. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be ready to fill your queue with Paris movies on Netflix, … Read more

Instagram Food Hashtags: Your Guide to Getting Noticed

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Want to boost your following, get noticed, and maybe even become insta-famous? If so, food hashtags can help you meet your goals. Whether you’re a blogger, a chef, or a foodie in search of like-minded thinkers, you’re going to love what these Instagram food hashtags can do for you. Before You Get Started…. Hey! I … Read more

How to Be Independent: The Ultimate Guide

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Congrats! You’re ready to own your life and be in complete control. Don’t worry if you’re at a total loss right now, because everyone – I mean everyone – has had to gain independence at some point. Start where you are, and take things one deliberate step at a time. With this guide, you’re going … Read more