ENTJ Personality Careers: Which One’s Right for You?

ENTJ Personality Careers: Which One’s Right for You?

The ENTJ personality is also known as the Commander Personality. If you’re someone who is classified as ENTJ (Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment), then you’re a natural leader. You tend to have an air of confidence, and you are probably a very charismatic person with the ability to bring people together. So, what are the best ENTJ careers? In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at jobs for ENTJ personalities.

What You Should Know About Your ENTJ Personality

People with Commander Personalities tend to be sharply intellectual, with plenty of drive and determination that helps them achieve their goals. If you’re an ENTJ, you might already know that you’re in the minority – and that’s probably a good thing since you have such a powerful presence.

As an ENTJ, it’s likely that you take pride in your ability to lead others. Not surprisingly, some of the most famous ENTJ people are very well-known for the leading roles they played (or continue to play!) in their businesses, careers, and nations. If you are characterized as an ENTJ, you’re in strong company. As you can see from the following list of famous ENTJ people, ENTJ career choices tend to put people in the spotlight.

Famous People with ENTJ Personalities

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft

David Letterman, comedian and talk show host

Katharine Hepburn, actress

Julius Caesar, famous Roman general and leader

Aristotle, fabled Greek philosopher

George Clooney, actor and filmmaker

Charlize Theron, actress

Adele, singer-songwriter

Alexander Hamilton, USA founding father and Secretary of the Treasury

Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and politician

Garry Kasparov, world-famous chess champion and activist

Michael Douglas, actor and producer

Tea Leoni, actress

Cobi Smulders, actress

Carl Sagan, top astrophysicist

Franklin D. Roosevelt, US President

Dick Cheney, US Vice President

Al Gore, US Vice President

Rahm Emanuel, US Chief of Staff

Karl Rove, US election campaign strategist and political policy advisor

Harrison Ford, actor

Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Bernie Sanders, US Senator

Nancy Pelosi, US Speaker of the House

Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State

Jeb Bush, US Governor

Whoopi Goldberg, actress

Jim Carrey, actor

Gordon Ramsay, top chef and TV personality

Penn Jillette, magician and entertainer (half of Penn and Teller)

Napoleon Bonaparte, ill-fated general and French emperor

Joseph Stalin, Soviet Dictator

ENTJ Career Matches: You Have What it Takes to Be Great

As illustrated by our list of famous people with ENTJ personalities, many ENTJ jobs are highly public in nature! Actors, actresses, politicians, and even some dictators are famous examples of people who have made their way to the top.

What about ENTJ jobs for people who haven’t yet reached their pinnacle? Don’t worry – there are plenty of great careers just waiting for you. Since you tend to be brilliant, with strong leadership qualities and the ability to think in a strategic, well-focused way, you have the determination, willpower, and tenacity to do almost anything you set your mind to – and you love to be challenged. These traits will serve you well if you decide to become an entrepreneur, business owner, or politician at some point, however they’re also in high demand with employers who want self-starters who can achieve excellent results in business situations.

The Best ENTJ Personality Careers

Since ENTJs are generally drawn to positions that place them in leadership roles, some of the best ENTJ career matches are those that involve supervision, management and leadership. Other great careers for ENTJ personalities involve problem-solving, innovation, and complex systems. ENTJs are known for their competency and their ability to plan strategically. They set goals for themselves and they follow through.

Where others might enjoy tradition, ENTJs like to break the mold. At the same time, they value structure and if they aren’t in leadership roles, they work best when their jobs come with clear guidelines. Almost every ideal ENTJ job comes with a high salary, as well as opportunities for recognition, prestige, and power. When it comes to ENTJ careers choice abounds: Take a look at this list of the best ENTJ career matches, which we’ve broken down into sectors. We’ve also provided a very short description of some duties that come with each job. 


Advertising manager – Plans promotional and advertising campaigns

Compensation manager – Uses data to determine how to structure an organization’s pay and benefits plan

Lodging manager – Sees to it that guests are well-treated during their stay at hotels, resorts, etc; often tasked with overseeing factors pertinent to efficiency and profitability as well

Marketing manager – Plans marketing campaigns and more

Promotions manager – Plans campaigns designed to generate interest in products & services

Property manager – Sometimes called community association managers or real estate managers; ensure that all aspects of a property run smoothly

Top executives – Ensure that organizational goals are met; positions tend to be highly strategic

Business and Finance

Accountant – Examines and prepares financial records

Actuary – Analyzes financial costs associated with risk and uncertainty, typically in insurance field

Administrative services manager – Coordinates, plans, and directs supportive services for different types of organizations

Analyst – Analyzes various forms of information; there are many different types of analysts

Appraiser – Often in Real Estate and Insurance; provides estimates of value

Auditor – Examines financial statements for accuracy

Budget analyst – Organizes financial details for various institutions, public and private

Cost estimator – Identifies and quantifies cost factors based on specific data; works in a variety of fields including construction and manufacturing

Financial manager – Develops plans and strategies to assure an institution’s financial wellbeing

Fundraiser – Organizes campaigns and events designed to raise money for their organizations; often works in nonprofit fields

Insurance claims adjuster, investigator, underwriter, or examiner – Analyzes all aspects of insurance to determine whether claims are valid; works in a variety of insurance fields

Loan officer – Handles a variety of financial details pertinent to the lending of money; typically works at a bank or credit union

Logistician – Coordinates all aspects of a supply chain; could be in a business, nonprofit, or military role

Market researcher analyst – Studies market condition to determine viability / potential salability of products & services across a variety of fields

Statistician – Uses precise statistical methods to gather and analyze data; works in a variety of fields


Many of the best ENTJ careers involve sales, either directly or indirectly. Common sales positions include:

Advertising sales

Insurance sales

Real estate sales / brokerage

Sales representative careers often start at the lowest level and move up from representative to manager. Products include everything from cars to wholesale goods to pharmaceuticals to financial products.

Science & Engineering Careers for ENTJ Personalities

Some of the most exciting careers for ENTJ people involve science and/or engineering, and many offer a strong focus on architecture. Be aware that this list only covers some of the most prominent career choices; there are dozens if not hundreds of options to choose from in the field of science.

Aerospace engineer





Civil engineer

Computer hardware engineer

Electrical / Electronics engineer


Geological engineer




Mechanical engineer



Naval architect

Nuclear engineer






Most healthcare jobs are suitable for people with ENTJ personalities. From athletic trainers and exercise physiologists to dentists to physicians, these jobs tend to be highly satisfying. There’s one caveat: if you’re like many highly analytical ENTJ people who dislike lots of personal contact with others, jobs in health care might involve more interpersonal involvement than you’re comfortable with. At the same time, if you’re an ENTJ with a high social drive, these jobs are probably ideal.

Arts & Education

Were you surprised to see so many famous actors and actresses on our list of famous ENTJ people? As it turns out, many successful artists, writers, reporters, and photographers have ENTJ personalities. If you are interested in art, you can combine your passion for another field with an artistic pursuit that pleases you; for example, you might enjoy architectural design or interior design.

Many composers, musicians, and music directors have ENTJ personalities. Teachers and school administrators are sometimes ENTJ people as well.

Administration of Justice

If you’re interested in serving your community while satisfying your ENTJ tendencies, then a career in law enforcement might be ideal for you. Police officers, dispatchers, and corrections personnel are a few choices. Fire inspectors and arson investigators, private detectives, and other investigators are often ENTJ people. So are many lawyers, judges, and hearing officers.

There are some jobs that ENTJ people tend to dislike. These tend to be heavily supervised, minor roles with very little opportunity for advancement. If a job description sounds uninteresting or unchallenging to you, it’s likely that you’ll dislike everything (or almost everything) about it!

Just like other personalities, ENTJ people have a wide array of interests and talents. This means that the best career for you might or might not have made its way onto the list. Our best advice is to choose a career that resounds with your interest while making the most of your innate talents and allowing you to choose an ascending path that lets you and others benefit from your strengths.