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Best Air Purifiers for Smoke: 5 to Consider

What’s the best air purifier for smokers? Whether you live with someone who smokes or if you smoke cigarettes, cigars, a pipe, or a hookah yourself, you want your indoor air to smell fresh and clean, not like stale smoke. We’ve done the homework for you, reading countless air purifier reviews to bring you a list of the best.

Why Get an Air Purifier for Smoke?

There are a few reasons why you might want to add a smoke purifier to your home. Perhaps you don’t smoke but you have family members, friends, or other loved ones who do. Maybe you’re a smoker who prefers not to have to go outdoors in bad weather, or maybe you’d rather not confine your smoking to the garage. Perhaps you’re someone who smokes now and then, but who doesn’t want the entire house to smell of smoke because of your occasional habit. Maybe you live next door to a smoker and you’re concerned about secondhand smoke seeping into your apartment from theirs. Whatever the reason, a great air purifier can help!

Here are five of the best air purifiers we could find.

Rabbit Air MinusA2: Best Air Purifier for Smoke Overall

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 gets outstanding reviews, even from cigar smokers! This is an incredible smoke filter for home use thanks to the fact that it can be mounted out of the way on a wall with the accompanying hardware, or allowed to stand alone as a versatile floor unit that you can move into any room where you plan to smoke. It comes with a remote control, which is a nice extra that you won’t find on many other air purifiers, and you also have the option of choosing a WiFi enabled unit that works with the help of an app. These Rabbit Air purifiers come in your choice of white or black.

This unit isn’t cheap but it is one air purifier smoke can’t resist. It cleans smoke and other pollutants via six stages of air purification so air smells fresh when it is returned to the room. A few users have even mentioned that their air “feels” lighter when the unit is allowed to operate continuously. Since this air purifier covers a full 700 square feet of space, it is ideal even in larger rooms. In case you want to install it in your bedroom, you’ll appreciate the sleep mode, which darkens the display via an automatic light sensor. This is a feature you’ll find on quite a few high-end air purifiers.

Overall, this is the best air purifier for smoke of all kinds – but just like other air purifiers, it won’t remove residual odors from draperies, upholstery, etc. Reviewers give it outstanding marks for dealing with pet dander and one mentioned that it kicks into high gear when it detects cooking odors.

There’s one more reason this air purifier gets amazing reviews from smokers and others: It looks amazing! If you’re someone who doesn’t like industrial, utilitarian-looking appliances, this is definitely the best air purifier for your home. The front panel is a display that can be customized with different colors and designs, so it works well with your dĂ©cor while keeping your home smelling fresh.

For bigger budgets, RabbitAir makes another model with the same filtration specs but an even more attractive appearance. The RabbitAir MinusA2 Artists Series features famous artwork on its display. There are a few different choices including Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Ktsushika Hokusai’s Great Wave, or a pleasing cherry blossom motif in black and white. These come with the option of being WiFi enabled, making for even greater convenience.

Nothing is perfect and that includes these air purifiers. There are reports of issues when there’s a lot of smoke at once – the unit takes time to clean the air and this can allow smoke to drift into other rooms. If the area is larger than 700 square feet, you’ll need more than one filter to deal with all the smoke. One user noted that they had an area of about 1200 square feet and when two filters were installed, the smoke cleared easily. It’s worth mentioning here that this is a common issue with air filters; there’s a certain amount of space they can cover and efficiency drops if that space is exceeded.

Rabbit Air is responsive to online requests for information, but some users have had problems with customer service reps they spoke to via phone – and when they couldn’t reach anyone, they weren’t able to leave a message. Other customers report satisfactory interactions with customer service agents so it seems as if there’s inconsistency among employees.

The bottom line? If you hate industrial-looking air filters and you want something attractive that does a good job of dealing with smoke and other odors in the recommended amount of space, then you’re probably going to like this one.

VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series HEPA Filter: Best Air Filter for Smoke in Medium-Sized Spaces 

Want to remove smoke from an average-sized room? The VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series HEPA Filter covers 325 square feet. This unit features a convenient space-saving tower configuration; simply set it up in a corner or another area, and let it go to work for you. If you’d rather use it on a tabletop, you can simply remove the base and use the accompanying suction cups to set it up. In case you have questions, the company has a YouTube channel with videos that show how to setup and maintain the air filter.

People appreciate this filter for more than just smoke removal: It also does a great job with cooking odors, pet odors, and more. The activated carbon pre-filters and HEPA filter should be replaced every 6 to 12 months on average, and the unit comes with a few extras so you don’t have to reorder any time soon. It’s worth mentioning that some users found that they need to replace the filters far more frequently, and this can get expensive. One person reported that they live in NYC, and that they had to change filters every 3 to 4 weeks.

Just like other air filters for smoke removal, this one has its limits. One user mentioned smoking in a single room with the door closed and the filter running; she estimated that it removed about 80 percent of the smoke at minimum but does leave a little bit of residual odor behind. For mustiness, cooking odors, and pet odors, users are generally thrilled, mentioning that the air smells clean and even feels lighter.

On the downside, some users have received faulty units, which the company has replaced; some of these reviewers mention having great experiences with customer service, so it seems as if problems are likely to be handled well despite the inconvenience of having to get a replacement. The other main issue is the way that the filter is set up: It sucks dirty air in the front and blows clean air out the back, so some users have had issues deciding where to put it for efficiency as well as aesthetic reasons.

Overall, this is a solid choice for its efficiency, affordability, and of course, its ability to filter smoke and other pollutants from air reliably.

Levoit LV-PUR131: Best Air Purifier for Cigarette Smoke in Small Spaces

The Levoit LV-PUR131 air purifier gets a high score for removing tobacco odors and it gets great marks for eliminating cooking odors as well. It has a three-stage filtration system that features a pre-filter to catch debris, a True HEPA filter, and a coconut shell activated carbon filter. There are two air intakes – one on each side. Per the manufacturer, this unit will remove 99.97 percent of particles from the air. This includes other common irritants like mold, pollen, and pet dander. The Levoit LV-PUR131 is rated for spaces up to 322 square feet. You’ll need more filters if you want to purify air in a larger area.

The accompanying filter is available online and the manufacturer mentions that it should be replaced every six months or so. A “change filter” light will come on after a certain amount of running time. One user mentions having a positive interaction with customer service – the representative didn’t try to sell more filters but instead mentioned that if air quality was still fine and the unit was running well, it would be OK to reset the indicator and continue using the existing air filter.

Users are generally pleased with the way this unit performs. One mentioned feeling suspicious that it wasn’t doing anything since the light was staying blue; then they accidentally smoked up the house while cooking fish and noticed that the unit kicked into high gear quickly, showing a red light that indicates poor air quality and suddenly making a lot of noise until the smoke cleared. The same user mentioned that they noticed far less dust in their home, indicating that the unit was doing a great job of quietly working in the background.

Another user mentioned having a problem with the filter after some time, repairing it, and then receiving a new unit after the company heard what happened and reached out. This is just one example of several mentions of positive interactions with the customer service department at Levoit. On the flip side, there were a couple of users who received units that looked like they might have been refurbished and sold as new – one even came with an obviously used filter.

Like just about every other product on the market, there are some anomalies but overall, this air filter gets outstanding ratings from the majority of reviewers.

Winix 5300-2 Air Cleaner: Best Air Purifier for Bedrooms

If you’ve been searching high and low for a fairly quiet air purifier that will work well in a bedroom or another medium-sized space, the Winix 5300-2 might be your best choice. This air cleaner is rated for handling air in spaces that measure 360 square feet or less. It features plasma wave technology that acts as a “permanent filter” which breaks down pollutants. Additionally, it offers 3-stage air purification that removes smoke, dander, mold spores, hair, dust, pollen, and even VOCs. There are four different fan speeds to choose from and even the highest one gets good marks for quiet operation. Looks-wise, it’s nothing fancy: the unit has a traditional appearance.

Most users are thrilled with this air purifier, mentioning that it helps them deal with spring allergies, cooking odors, and pet dander. One smoker mentioned that his studio apartment used to be filled with smoke, but that the unit did a great job of handling it. The same person mentioned cooking smelly foods; he was blown away with the air filter’s ability to eliminate those odors within about fifteen minutes.  Another user mentioned that the filter was able to deal with forest fire smoke that leaked into their home.

Other users weren’t quite as impressed. It could be that they received faulty units, which is something that can happen with products of all kinds. There are occasional issues with poor / unresponsive customer service, too.

Like some other units that made their way onto our list of the best air purifiers, this one from Winix offers an innovative sleep mode that senses how much ambient light is in the room. When it determines that the conditions are right for sleep, it automatically adjusts fan speed for quieter operation, plus it dims the indicator lights to prevent them from disturbing you.

Last but not least, you don’t have to rely on your nose to determine how well this air purifier is working. Whether you’re targeting smoke or other pollutants, you can see an indicator of your indoor air quality at a glance by looking at the LED lights. Good air quality shows a blue light, medium is amber, and poor is red. The unit automatically adjusts fan speed when it detects poor air quality so you don’t have to do it manually.

OEM replacement filters for the Winix 5300-2 are pricey – a common issue with quality air purifiers. There are some off-brand filters that are compatible, and these will save you money. Some users mention vacuuming the pre-filter to extend filter life, definitely an option particularly if you have pets in the house.

Austin Air HealthMate HM 400: Best Air Purifier for Smoke in Large Spaces

Just how much smoke can the Austin Air HealthMate HM 400 handle? Quite a lot! This is a big, robust air purifier smoke can’t escape from. Even though it’s fairly large and not terribly attractive, it draws air in through all four sides, reliably covering an area of up to 1,500 square feet. The interior filters contain both zeolite and activated charcoal, and they’re guaranteed for five years. It is available in a few different colors to suit your décor: You have a choice between black, midnight blue, white, and sandstone.

One of these air purifiers will effectively remove cigarette smoke from a small home and two or more can easily keep a larger home smelling fantastic even when smoking isn’t confined to a single room. There are three speed settings, and the True Medical Grade HEPA filter inside provides protection from dust, pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants as well as the smoke you’re concerned about. Reviewers mention that particles do accumulate on the sides of the unit, meaning that you have to vacuum it frequently to ensure reliable filtration.

There’s one more reason people like this unit, and it has nothing to do with smoke removal: It’s very easy to move despite its size! The designers added four caster wheels to the base, so you can easily maneuver it as needed instead of struggling to carry it from room to room.

One user purchased it to deal with secondhand smoke leaching from a neighbor’s apartment into theirs, mentioning that it dealt with about 90 percent of the odor within a few hours of activation. They also mentioned that the unit has to be kept on high to deal with those smoke odors; the low setting really didn’t make a difference. Interestingly, this same user kept returning to update their Amazon review. Ultimately, they noticed a slight decrease in performance after 30 months of continuous operation, but they were still pleased with it and planned to use it for general air purifying in their new home even though they no longer lived next door to the smoker.

Another user had the opposite experience, mentioning that the unit didn’t do much for the neighbor’s smoking until they sealed off areas where the smoke was leaking in. Once they handled the entry points, they found that the unit did a decent job of eliminating the odor and preventing eye irritation caused by the secondhand smoke that was still making its way into their apartment. Overall though, most people are happy with the air purifier for smoke and other issues. A few reviewers believed that they received defective units and when that happened, experiences with customer service were all over the board, from great to terrible.

Though powerful, this filter does have a big downside and that’s the fact that it can be very loud when it’s turned on high. The sound has been compared to the white noise from a fan, but one user said that it reminds them of the noise from a vacuum cleaner.  

Whichever air filter you choose, be sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Consider cleaning your filter more often than recommended and you might help them perform better, for a longer period of time. With a combination of one of the best air purifiers for smoke and a steady maintenance routine, you’ll enjoy fresher indoor air around the clock.