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Best Gun Oil: 7 Reliable Products to Add to Your Range Bag

With good-quality gun oil, your firearms are destined to perform better, last longer, and of course, stay cleaner. With so many different products on the market though, what’s the best gun oil? Everyone has an opinion and of course each manufacturer claims that theirs is the best gun lube available.

With good-quality gun oil, your firearms are destined to perform better, last longer, and of course, stay cleaner. With so many different products on the market though, what’s the best gun oil? Everyone has an opinion and of course each manufacturer claims that theirs is the best gun lube available.

We spent hours reading gun oil reviews and trying several products for ourselves, all to bring you one reliable, condensed gun oil review designed to reduce your own need to research and get you back on the range. As it turns out, there are more than a few great options including some that are fairly new to the market. Let’s take a closer look.

Eagle Tears

Eagle Tears was developed by a US Marine, and has been tested under rigorous conditions. You can purchase Eagle Tears gun oil separately or as part of a complete gun care bundle that includes gun lube, solvent, and gun oil paste.

This is an excellent product for protecting and lubricating your firearms, and unlike some others, it’s made with natural citrus oils that contain no harmful toxins. It is also an excellent product for prepping firearms for long-term storage, i.e. keeping rifles clean and rust-free from one hunting season to the next. If you’re looking for the best gun oil for storage and more, you’ll definitely want to shortlist Eagle tears – particularly if you like the idea of supporting a small company owned by American veterans.

Our family uses Eagle Tears products for rifles, handguns, and black powder guns. Just like people who have reviewed the products on Amazon, we like the fresh scent and the fact that this stuff isn’t going to cause problems for our skin or our respiratory tracts. Best of all, it works as advertised and the price is lower than quite a few other products out there. A little bit goes a long way, which is very nice. So far, there aren’t any negative reviews and we haven’t noticed any problems.

CLP by Sage & Braker

CLP stands for Clean, Lube, Protect. This particular brand gets outstanding reviews not just for its ability to remove residue from moving firearms parts, but for penetrating deep to remove accumulated crud on guns that haven’t been treated well. This formula does an excellent job with rust and corrosion prevention, and it provides a better than average level of protection for essential moving parts that contribute to safe, effective operation.

Like a few other brands that made it onto our list of the best gun lubricant, CLP by Sage & Braker is biodegradable and non-hazardous. It is made in America with the unique needs of American soldiers in mind; where some other CLPs attract sand and dust, this one is designed to prevent adhesion even when field conditions include more dirt, sand, and debris than average.

Most users are pleased with Sage & Braker CLP and it gets great reviews overall. One mentioned that this gun oil will remove surface rust and heavy carbon coating if you let it soak in and then treat the affected area to a good scrubbing; they used it on a very old pistol and soaked the barrel by wrapping it in a rag saturated with CLP. Another person mentioned using it to remove rust from a 105-year-old 1911.

Not everyone had great luck with this product. For example, it changed the color on one user’s SIG Sauer Legion pistols (P220, P226, and P229) alloy finish. Using a different CLP product restored the color.

More than a few people say that they like the way this product smells, mentioning that it’s far less pungent than other CLP products they’ve tried. On the downside, some users really dislike this gun oil’s odor, mentioning that they have resorted to wearing neoprene gloves while using it since the scent clings to skin even after repeated handwashing.

Another person mentioned that you should be careful not to leave this product in contact with plastics for long, as it will eat through them. This is a common issue with CLPs – not really a negative; just something to be aware of.

It’s worth noting that while this is one of the best gun oil / CLP products on the market, it does have a higher price tag than some competitors. This is fine with most users, who are thrilled with the overall quality and effectiveness this product offers.

Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner & Lube

While One Shot Gun Cleaner & Lube isn’t technically a gun oil, it is one of the best gun lubricant brands available, particularly for those who prefer to use aerosol spray products. This formula is great for those who are concerned about the potential for malfunctions caused by built-up gunk; it goes on dry, yet it lubricates reliably. The company has been in business since 1949 and this is one of their most popular products.

While it’s true that this product is convenient and effective, it does not last as long as some other gun oil brands. Many users like to combine it with other products, scrubbing away debris with a solvent, giving a quick spray with this around areas that are difficult to clean, and then wipe off any remaining carbon. Following up with a quick spray will lubricate moving parts – great for cleaning and lubing up between target practice sessions and hunting trips – but not quite as nice as some other products for long-term storage.

Additionally, there are multiple mentions of the need for an additional lubricant on moving parts, particularly with lots of use. One user who likes the product overall for cleaning and overall maintenance mentioned that there was increased wear on his Glock after just about 500 rounds. If you shoot often, then you’ll probably want to use a dab of traditional gun oil on moving parts.

More than one reviewer has mentioned that they like how easy this product is to use and they love the way it cleans, but they wish the lubrication were longer-lasting. Additionally, One Shot doesn’t seem to perform well in humid environments where even more protection is needed – more than one user has stored weapons and/or tools and returned to find a bit of rust forming when this was all they used.

There’s one more caveat: This is a really effective gun cleaner and it has been known to remove pigment from sights. Judicious, careful use is best!

Hoppe’s Gun Medic Cleaner & Lube

Hoppe’s Gun Medic cleaner and lube is another great multipurpose aerosol product that blasts grime from tight spaces. This can uses jet propulsion technology to drive the product deep down – just be ready with  towel to clean up the grimy liquid that oozes out and watch out for skin and eyes because the powerful blast can injure you.

Many reviewers like the fact that this isn’t a traditional gun oil; it evaporates fairly quickly and does not leave much residue behind. This benefit is also seen as a drawback by some; it does a nice job of cleaning up hard-to-reach areas, but it doesn’t lubricate as well as an oil over the long term so you might want to follow up with something else if you’re planning to put your guns in storage and humidity might be an issue.

A few reviewers mention that this product will destroy painted finishes, so consider testing a hidden spot before using it on large surface areas.

If you’re in a hurry or you want to blast away gunpowder residue during long range sessions, definitely consider Hoppe’s Quick Fix. For more intense cleaning sessions, you’ll probably want to stick to more traditional products. Die-hard Hoppe’s fans tend to appreciate the Hoppe’s No. 9 Precision combo pack.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil

There are quite a few good synthetics out there. Of these, Hoppe’s No. 9 is frequently rated as the best synthetic gun oil on the market. This advanced formula offers superior moisture control as well as outstanding lubrication, protecting against corrosion even in damp environments. Most people find that it works well during storage, too; however, one left their weapon unused for a long period of time and returned to find that the product had become sticky and left residue.

Not only is it well-suited for semi-automatic firearms, it’s also a tried and true product for maintaining bolt action rifles and more. In case you’ve been looking for a good way to seal the CO2 cartridge on your BB gun or air rifle, this has a good reputation for doing just that. Users are generally satisfied and find themselves lubricating everything from fishing reels to squeaky hinges with the stuff. One user mentioned using WD-40 to clean moving parts and then following up with a drop of this – not just on guns but on house doors, locks, and gears.

Overall, this is one of the best synthetic gun oils around – but just like its competitors, it does develop some tackiness after a long period of time. If you shoot frequently though, you’ll probably like the way this product works.

Extreme Force Weapons Oil

Like other products that made it onto our list of the best gun oil brands, Extreme Force Weapons Oil is made in America. The oil itself is effective and does a good job of cleaning, lubricating, and preparing weapons for long-term storage. The dispensers are great – they have needle-nose applicators with child-proof safety caps, so you can add a tiny drop when needed and reduce the risk of spilling gun oil in your range bag.

While this isn’t a favorite with those who prefer light-bodied gun oils and sprays, it is among the top choices of users who like heavy-bodied lubricants that don’t have a tendency to run or drip. It withstands high heat, and it provides protection even at temperatures as low as -30 F.

Competitive shooters, law enforcement professionals, and others who enjoy regular range sessions appreciate this product for its ability to keep firearms well-lubricated even during extended sessions with hundreds of shots running through a hot gun. The ability to withstand heat is one reason why so many are able to justify the expense of the product compared to some of its competitors. On the other hand, if you’re just shooting a hunting rifle occasionally, you might want to go with something a little cheaper.

More than a few users have had an issue with the bottle’s tip. The company seems to have fixed the issue; now you simply need to remove the small plastic tip by squeezing the bottle gently and lifting it off with your nail, then replacing it with the metal tip, which screws into place. Don’t skip this step because the metal tip will give you nice, precise application so that you don’t use too much product at once. Like other products that made it onto our list of the best gun oils, a little bit of this goes a long way!

M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil

M-Pro 7 is a hybrid replacement for CLPs, traditional gun oils, and dry gun lubricants. Made in America by Hoppe’s, it was designed with combat-readiness in mind, and is a popular choice with U.S. armed forces. This product does not evaporate, however it does combine LPX additives with high-quality synthetic oils.

Together, the ingredients leave a resilient film behind, assuring reliable lubrication. At the same time, the product has been proven to repel dirt and dust. It does not gum up or separate, even when weapons are in storage long-term. One reviewer ran their own corrosion test with saltwater on nickel-plated steel fasteners. They found that it took almost a month for the fastener coated in LPX to show signs of surface rust, where those coated with several competing products showed signs of rust within 3 days.

Cold-weather hunters like M-Pro 7 LPX gun oil for its ability to retain lubrication even in below zero weather. Like quite a few other gun oils, this one isn’t just good for firearms: Users report that it does a great job of lubricating other things including sticky padlocks and other items that tend to become corroded over time.

Most people are very happy with this gun oil, calling it one of the best they’ve ever tried. But there have been a few mishaps with packaging; like other liquid products, this one might spring a leak during shipping. One customer was disappointed that half the gun oil had leaked inside the package, but didn’t mention whether the seller had offered to replace it. Another person mentioned getting a different bottle cap type than what they preferred, which is a definite possibility since the product is offered in different sizes and with different applicators.

It’s worth noting that since this product does leave a film, it might not be the best gun oil for CCW unless you’re not concerned about residue in your holster. Overall though, M-Pro 7 is consistently rated as one of the best gun oils on the market, as it’s super-slick, doesn’t put you at risk of having a jammed weapon, and does an outstanding job with corrosion prevention.

With reliable gun oil, a bit of patience and meticulous attention, you can keep your firearms protected so that they work well next time you hunt or head to the range. Remember – with most products, a little goes a long way!