The Best Eyelash Perm Kit

Finding the best eyelash perm kit can be challenging, especially if you’re not entirely sure what to look for. You know you want super-curled lashes that last, and you’ve heard that an eyelash perm kit will get you there. But what does the best eyelash perm kit even contain, and how does one work? 

What Is an Eyelash Perm Kit?

An eyelash perm kit is a well-known beauty adage. Curled lashes look longer. There’s no doubt about it, but not everyone has the time or wants to spend the energy curling their lashes every morning. That’s okay because there’s an easier way. 

An eyelash perm can give you the look you want without wasting time curling your lashes each day. Traditionally, the process is performed by a professional esthetician, but kits to perform an eyelash perm at home are readily available online. They’re only growing in popularity as beauty-lovers flock towards at-home services. 

An eyelash perm kit includes an adhesive, foam rollers or a rolling wand, perming solution, and a neutralizing cream. The adhesive goes on your eyelashes first. Then the lashes are rolled around the foam or wand. 

A perming solution goes over the rolled lashes before they’re wrapped in plastic to set for five minutes or so. Once that’s done, a neutralizing solution goes over the lashes, that sits for a few minutes, and done! You have super-curled lashes that will last up to a month or more. 

What About a Lash Lift Kit? 

A lash lift kit is similar to a lash perm kit but not quite the same. Rather than a cylindrical wand or foam roller, a lash lift kit uses something that looks more like a camel’s hump. It’s meant to lift the lashes from the eye’s base, but otherwise, the process is the same as a lash perm. 

A lash lift lasts slightly longer than a perm and creates the illusion of larger, more open eyes with extra-long eyelashes. While a perm seems to work best on those who already have long eyelashes that are maybe straight or downturned, a lift can help those with shorter lashes gain a long-lashed look. 

Lash Lift and Tint Kits For Fuller, Darker Lashes  

A lash lift and tint kit is exactly what you’d expect. Not only are lashes lifted from the base to create the illusion of longer lashes with a wider more open eye, but the lashes are also tinted. Tinting is technically a separate process from the lift, but an eyelash technician can do both simultaneously. 

Fair-haired beauties who are tired of pale, nearly invisible fringes about their eyes can get a semi-permanent darker tint. The look is similar to wearing a few coats of mascara, minus having to put on more products every morning. Tinting will last through your eyelash growth cycle, typically for about three months. 

The Best Professional Eyelash Perm Kit 

Kits for eyelash perms, lash lifts, and lash tints are all available on Amazon, but it’s important to note these are chemical processes. If you’re not an esthetician or an experienced lash technician, using one of these kits at home could bring problems. Perm solutions are filled with chemicals that can burn and irritate when misused. 

Applying products around the eye area should be exercised with extreme caution. For those who know what they’re doing, though, a professional eyelash perm kit is a great way to update your look. So, let’s zoom in on a few of our top lash kit picks. 

Vassoul Lash Lift and Perm Kit

We love that the Vassoul Lash Lift kit comes with enough product to reapply your perm or lift up to 15 times! Extra tools aren’t included in this kit, though the box suggests you use cotton swabs if you don’t have professional tools on hand. 

You’ll likely have to buy separate lash glue, though. You might find that the included glue isn’t sticky enough, but that’s a small price to pay considering everything else that’s included. This kit stands out because of its included nutritional serum. Some users claim it keeps their lashes growing, creating a darker, thicker look. 


  • Great value
  • Nutrition serum promotes thicker, darker lashes


  • Does not include all lash tools 
  • Included Adhesive Lacks Sticking Power 

Iconsign Complete Lash Perm and Lift Kit 

The Iconsign kit is a great option for everyone, but particularly first timers. We love the value found in this kit and we averaged about 10-12 uses out of it. If you’re unsure of how to use a lash perm and lift kit, we recommend that you check out some videos on YouTube rather than relying on the instructions as they aren’t that clear.

The perming solution in this kit may be on the weak side and after getting your lashes wet a few times the curl may start to fall. The manufacturer does state that the product may need to be used 2-3 times before users see real results. 


  • Great Beginner Kit – Includes Everything You Need 
  • Good Value 


  • Poor Included Instructions
  • Weak Perming Solution 

Brightup Lash Perm Kit with Lash Lift Extension 

The Brightup lash perm and lift kit includes everything you need for either a lash perm or a lash lift, including lash tools and lift pads. It also boasts that it’s curling solution is entirely plant-based. 

One thing we appreciate about this kit is that the curling solution smells better than most, but it doesn’t do as great of a job of curling lashes. The same goes for the glue in this kit. You might be better off using a different glue because it might not be sticky enough for you.


  • Plant-Based Curling Solution
  • Great Value


  • Not Quite The Same Curl
  • Glue Isn’t Sticky Enough 

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to go with a full lash perm or just want to give those lashes a lift, using the best eyelash perm kit will get you the look you want. Though inexperienced users should seek assistance from a professional eyelash technician, many of these kits are made for at-home use. So there’s no reason not to have long, perfectly curled lashes these days, even without mascara. Give an eyelash perm kit a try and enjoy your longer, fuller eyelash look!