Best Microblading Ink

You don’t like your eyebrows. We get it. For many of us, there’s a lot to dislike about them. Maybe yours are uneven, or you feel they’re too thin from years of plucking or a problem like alopecia. So you fill in your eyebrows every day, but you’re tired of it.

Enter microblading. Microblading can save you time on your makeup routine each day because you no longer have to fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pen. But since it involves ink, what is the best microblading ink, and how do you know? 

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is similar to permanent makeup, which is a made-up look tattooed onto your face. However, permanent makeup is permanent, while microblading is semi-permanent. Also, microblading uses different tools than tattoos. 

To microblade your eyebrows, an artist will use a tool with tiny needles arranged in a blade-like pattern. They scratch and deposit ink under your skin, so they’re like tattooing, but they don’t deposit the ink nearly as deeply nor as densely. The ink fades away within a few years. 

Also, the needles are arranged to create realistic-looking hairs, and a good artist uses shades of ink with subtle differences for a multi-dimensional, natural look.

Things to Consider with Microblading Ink

When you’re trying to decide which brand of microblading ink will work best, you should consider the following:

  • How long does the ink last? Good ink should last anywhere from one to five years.
  • Ease of use. The harder the ink is to use, the lower-quality it is.
  • Safety. When it comes to putting ink under the skin, you should have a product that’s as safe as possible to reduce the risk of infection and other damage.
  • Skin tone. The more choices a brand gives you, the greater the likelihood that you’ll be able to match skin tones.
  • Upkeep. How much aftercare does the ink require to set correctly? What all do you have to avoid to ensure the best results with minimum hassle? The less aftercare you have to worry about, the better.
  • Cost. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. If it’s expensive but doesn’t take the above into account, it’s probably not worth it.

What Is the Best Microblading Ink?

There are two parts to any procedure like this: The artist and their materials. Whether you’re doing it yourself (not recommended) or having your brows done professionally, you still want to know what the best microblading ink is. Here’s a closer look:

M Microblading Medical Grade Pigment Ink Set

Mellie’s pigment set is a highly-rated, professional-grade microblading ink with seven colors ranging from deep brunette to blond. It also comes with a “warm effect” shade that will help warm your face up without making you look awkward.


  • No need to mix before use
  • Wide variety of shades to match skin tone and hair color
  • Professional quality ensures great-looking brows with minimal hassle


  • Semi-permanent ink makes testing color on your brows risky
  • You need an artist to use this ink – self-application is a bad idea
  • You may need more than one consultation before you and your artist decide what will look best

Tina Davies X Perma Blend Brow Kit

These seven bottles of ink range from light to dark and you can use them for either microblading or tattoo work.


  • Up to 90 percent color retention after the first treatment
  • You have the same quality color retention with light colors and dark colors
  • Works well for covering over faded work and fixing botched jobs


  • You need to be diligent with your aftercare in order to get the best results
  • Despite predictable results, you may need several follow-up appointments due to problems with aftercare
  • Only comes with seven bottles

Maser 3D Microblading Pigment

Perhaps the best thing about Maser’s microblading ink is that it’s 100 percent organic and made entirely from plant extracts. Even better, it’s got a sunscreen formula built in so you can worry less about protecting your newly filled eyebrows from the sun.


  • Built-in sunscreen formula makes aftercare easier
  • 28 shades makes it extremely easy to match both hair and skin tone
  • Works for other semi-permanent and permanent makeup applications


  • Works best with Maser’s own tools
  • You need to be sure your artist knows how to use Maser’s ink and tools
  • May require several consultations before your artist can complete the job

Madluvv Microblading Pigment

If you’re looking for a luxury pigment, check out Madluvv’s line. Their high-quality, richly colored microblading ink ensures excellent results every time. Madluvv’s pigments, like others, are made for professionals. When a good artist uses this pigment, you’ll want to go back to them each time for touch-ups and new applications. 


  • Luxurious formula ensures great results with reduced risk for allergic reactions
  • High-quality results reduce your need for follow-up and touch-up appointments
  • No fading to strange colors like purple or pink


  • Only six colors makes color matching more difficult
  • Gel consistency makes this ink difficult for people who want to do their brows themselves
  • Doesn’t set under certain skin types

SCALPA Superior Microblading Pigment

Every bottle of SCALPA’s microblading ink lasts for 20-30 sessions, which helps keep costs down. They created each shade of ink to blend in well with various brow colors, achieving a nice, natural, multi-dimensional look for your brows and complementing your skin tone with minimum hassle.


  • Each bottle lasts for 20 to 30 procedures
  • Money-back guarantee if you and your clients aren’t satisfied
  • Contains witch hazel as a gentle antiseptic 


  • Some shades of brown may fade to a reddish color
  • May be too watery for solid color retention, requiring several applications
  • Darker colors lack vibrancy

Final Thoughts

Microblading is a fantastic, semi-permanent alternative to using a brow pen or pencil every single day to give yourself full eyebrows. It’s also a better way to achieve a natural look since the tool and the ink are designed to create tiny lines that look like hairs. 

You have a lot to consider when looking for the best microblading ink, not the least of which is your artist’s experience, tools, and procedures. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their instruments and inks. If you do that, you give yourself the best chance to achieve a fantastic look for the greatest value possible.