Does Olive Oil Help Eyelashes Grow

Thick, full, beautiful eyelashes are all the rage. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with lovely lashes. Instead, they can turn to mascara or false lashes. Mascara runs, and false lashes fall off and are uncomfortable. 

Instead of relying on faking it with cosmetics, you have another option. If you wonder does olive oil help eyelashes grow, it does. With olive oil, work, and patience, your eyelashes can grow on their own. Using olive oil for eyelashes is a safe and natural method that is proven to work. But, you have to be persistent with the techniques and not expect overnight change.  

Why Olive Oil?

Olive oil is one of the oldest foodstuffs on the planet. The ancient Greeks used olive oil for food and moisturizers. It continues to be a popular part of the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil continues to be popular with people who use it as a carrier oil for essential oils. Many people also use it to moisturize their bodies and hair. 

Oleic acid is an essential nutrient for hair growth and reducing inflammation. One type of hair loss, called alopecia, is connected to inflammation. Oleic acid reduces swelling and helps fight chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. With the use of antiinflammatories, you reduce your chances of losing your hair. 

Oleic acid in olive oil has several other health benefits. It helps reduce symptoms of arthritis and serves as an antibacterial, too. Because of its antibacterial qualities, people use it to remove makeup. 

How Olive Oil is Graded

Olive oil for eyelash growth proves effective because the natural nutrients are biologically beneficial. The oil comes from the fruit of the olive tree, which you can find in Southern Europe and North Africa. Before you can use olive oil for eyelash growth, the fruit must be pressed to get the oil. 

Manufacturers grade the oil based on the way they press the olives. They also use acid content for grading. Extra virgin olive oil includes 1% acid, while virgin olive oil is 3% acid. Olive oil is also graded into fino, light, and pure. You can use any type of olive oil on your lashes, but the best is extra virgin pure because it contains the most natural nutrients. 

Olive Oil Nutrients Stimulate Hair Growth

Nutrients in olive oil stimulate hair growth, which is why so many people rely on olive oil for lashes. Fatty oleic acid is a nutrient with antioxidants that has helped slow hair loss. The oil also has antibiotic properties, which keeps the scalp healthy to stimulate hair growth. 

Researchers recognize how olive oil helps hair, but they do not fully understand how this translates to lashes. But, does olive oil make your eyelashes grow? It appears that it does. Olive oil makes the hair healthier, both on the scalp and the lash line. 

Does olive oil help your eyelashes grow overnight? No. It takes time for eyelashes to respond to olive oil. You have to apply olive oil regularly before you see any changes. Fortunately, you can use olive oil to remove your eye makeup, which gives you a perfectly good reason to apply it to your lashes. Eventually, your lashes will thicken, and the bare spots fill. 

How to Apply Olive Oil to Eyelashes

Applying olive oil is easy to do. Before you use your olive oil treatment, you must remove your eye makeup and clean your face. 

It would help if you had a bottle of high-quality, cold-pressed, extra-virgin oil, and a cotton ball. Put a dab of olive oil on the cotton ball, then wipe it gently on your eyelashes. You might not see how olive oil for eyelashes before and after changes very quickly, but it won’t take long before you start to notice the changes. 

Keep in mind that olive oil is a heavy carrier oil, so you do not need to apply much of it. You don’t need to soak the cotton ball; just put a few drops on it. If you have an extra, unused, clean mascara brush, you can use that to apply oil to your lashes. Place a few drops on the brush and comb your lashes with the oiled brush. 

Once you’ve applied the oil to your lashes, let it sit for up to ten minutes. Use lukewarm water to remove the olive oil from your lash line. Be sure to remove the olive oil completely. Your lashes and the skin around your eyes will be soft and supple. You will notice that change in condition immediately. To successfully use olive oil for eyelash growth, you must apply it daily for six to eight weeks. 

Many people do their olive oil regimen in the evening. After you’ve removed the oil from your lashes, you might have difficulty applying makeup because your lashes will be supple and soft. 

How to Encourage Eyelash Growth

If you apply olive oil each night, you might need a little more to get your lashes to grow. Some people use a mixture of vitamin E oil to encourage growth. Vitamin E helps improve circulation, reduce oxidative stress, and improve moisture. Always remove makeup before you apply the oil treatment. Follow the same steps as if you were using only olive oil. 

Your holistic health helps promote healthy skin and hair. Therefore, you should eat a balanced diet and add supplements that help improve your skin and hair quality. Your supplements should include a mixture of biotin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and keratin if you want to encourage your lashes to grow quickly. 

Treat Your Skin and Hair

While you are waiting for 10 minutes to let the olive oil treat your eyelashes, you can also use olive oil for the rest of your skin. Olive oil will even your complexion and tone your skin. You can also use olive oil as a mask for your hair. Massage the olive oil into your scalp to help that sensitive skin get the benefits of the oleic acid antioxidants, too.