Tattoo Pens for Skin

Tattoos have come a long way. Skin art used to be somewhat taboo. Many people have tattoos, and even more people want tattoos. These creations are, for the most part, no longer seen as unfavorable. However, some people still are not comfortable to go through the pain and commitment to getting a permanent tattoo. 

Today there are many options for people who want a tattoo but don’t necessarily want permanency or pain.

That is where tattoo pens and markers for skin come in.

What are Tattoo Pens and Markers?

In the case of permanent tattoos, needles put ink under the outer layer of your skin and will not come off without painful tattoo removal. 

Unlike permanent tattoos, tattoo pens are not invasive. They are applied to your skin’s outer layer and only last for a few days depending on the brand and how you care for it.

What are the Benefits of Using a Tattoo Pen or Marker?

Tattoo pens are ideal for anyone, as they allow you to mark your skin if you have not decided exactly what you want or just want to experiment with different creations.

Temporary tattoo markers also eliminate the regret that comes later on with permanent tattoos. Years later, you may not want to remember the weekend spent in Las Vegas with your buddies. 

Another essential factor to remember about temporary tattoos is that they are pain-free. If you want a tattoo but know that you will not be able to tolerate the pain that is brought on by permanent inking, a temporary tattoo using a pen or marker may be for you.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are anything like most consumers, you want to do your research before diving into the world of temporary tattoos. Though not permanent, you may still want to ensure that you know what you are putting on your skin as a customer.


As opposed to regular pens and markers, most temporary tattoos pens are safe. But like any other product that you are placing on your body or skin, you may have some form of reaction. Allergic reactions are a common problem for people who have sensitive skin, for example.

Adverse reactions from tattoo pens can range anywhere from mild, with some redness or itching that appear, to more advanced symptoms like blisters and scarring.

Thankfully there are many skin safe pens on the market for today’s consumers to choose from, and these adverse reactions are not common. 

Quality of the Pen

When getting pens and markers to use for temporary tattoos, you should look for pens that glide on the skin to create a smooth and precise drawing or writing. The color should not bleed on your skin or your clothes after use.

The Ink

The color of the ink should be vibrant and lively. Temporary tattoos can last from a few days to a week. You should look for pens that last the amount of time you need and will remain colorful without the need to touch-up right away.

Our Picks For Best Tattoo Pens

As with all products, there are many opinions on which tattoo pen or marker is better. If you go online, you will see hundreds, if not thousands of reviews on various tattoo pens and markers. Users base their opinions on different factors such as the ink’s longevity, smoothness of use, odor, and vibrancy of the colors.

Many tattoo pen users like a quick-drying marker that does not bleed and can handle a bit of moisture without erasing.

We have compiled information on some of the best tattoo pens and markers on the market today.

BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

The BIC BodyMark is a great and safe product made specifically to create temporary tattoos. It has a flexible tip that allows the user to develop fine lines as well as broad strokes. The color options are fabulous, bright, and fun. The application is smooth and without odor.


  • Great colors
  • Long-lasting
  • Odorless
  • Nice tip
  • Smooth application


  • Color can rub off 

Toysmith Ink-a-do Tattoo Pens

Do not let the name fool you. These tattoo pens are both to have fun and create serious body art. They come with stencils that will help your body drawing appear nice and professional. They are safe and perfect for the young and the young at heart.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Dual pack available
  • Come with stencils 


  • More expensive than some others
  • May wash off easily

ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Markers

A favorite of tattoo artists for pre-marking, these markers are great for temporary art as well. These markers are also safe for the skin and have the best review for longevity. The markers come in separate packaging to ensure safety. It comes with a ruler to ensure precise work.


  • Three-piece set with three different tips
  • Long-lasting
  • Works well with stencils 


  • Can use each marker only once
  • Pricier than others for the number of markers

Surgical Markings Viscot Mini XL

These skin safe markers come 5 in a pack. The ink is ten times longer lasting than the average tattoo pen. The markers, however, dry out faster than other similar markers on the market.


  • Long-lasting
  • Safe
  • 10 in a pack


  • Dry out quickly
  • Inconsistent
  • Not worth the price

Skin Companion Twin Tip Tattoo Pen

These dual-tip pens offer a fine tip on one side and a larger, broader tip on the other. This allows you to create your skin design as detailed as you wish. The colors are bright and vibrant, but they do not seem to last as some other markers. It is a good pen to use if you need a tattoo for only a short time.


  • Vibrant Colors
  • Fair Price
  • Dual Tips


  • Color does not last
  • Rubs off on sheets and clothes
  • Not well packaged

Final Thoughts

Tattoos do not have to be a lifetime commitment. Tattoo pens and tattoo markers are an excellent alternative to permanent tattoos.

Our favorite choice is the BIC Body Mark Temporary Tattoo Marker. While it offers you long-lasting and vibrant color, it’s budget-friendly and non-toxic. Regardless of which tattoo pen or tattoo marker you choose, you will most likely love your results. The most important thing to remember is to be creative and enjoy.